Dear Ministry of Defence,
I hear that control of the UK armed forces has been handed to the EU
is this true or not?
If so it is treason and against our constitution,
A lot of folks are not happy hearing this.
I hear it was raised in parliament and the Lords and you refused to confirm.
We have a constitution and it is against the law, so unlawful.
What treaty or act was this done under?
You act for the people so please answer as it is of massive concern, and of public interest.
Treason can be held against any man or woman that breaks our constitution, it is the people that are sovereign not parliament.
I am appalled if this is true, and seems a deep state move to act against our interests.
Lets see what happens when Trump takes down the deep state, and that spreads here then you will answer to us for your actions.

Yours faithfully,


SPO EASP-EU (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

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Good afternoon,

Please find attached our response to your recent enquiry.

Euro-Atlantic Security Policy Unit
(Ministry of Defence and Foreign and Commonwealth Office)

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