Sound files recordings from your old station platform automated announcements system that you used.

SE Trains Limited did not have the information requested.

Dear SE Trains Limited,

Under the Freedom Of Information Act may i please get a copy of all of the sound files of your old station platform automated announcements system that you used until about 2012 or so when you switched to the current Worldline system.

Yours faithfully,

David Harrison

Information Rights, SE Trains Limited

Dear David,

Please find below our response to your FOIA request for sound file recordings of old station platform automated announcements.

I can confirm that we no longer hold this information and are therefore unable to provide it.


Mark Willson
Data Protection and FOIA Officer

2nd Floor,
4 More London Riverside,
London, SE1 2AU.

Appeal Rights

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Your request must be submitted within 40 working days of receipt of this letter.

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