Somerville Primary School

Currently waiting for a response from Birmingham City Council, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Birmingham City Council,

I refer you to my recent FOI request sent to Somerville Primary School.

As no response has been received from the school as yet, perhaps you could address my concerns outlined in the request with the school direct and provide feedback through this FOI.

An outline of my request is provided below:

Dear Somerville Primary (NC) School, Birmingham,

I read with interest on the NOW Education website that your school received an investment of circa £12, 000 for a new Library facility from NOW Education.

Could you please address the following points in relation to this:

1. What is your relationship with NOW Education?

2. On what basis was this investment made and accepted by the school and it's governing body and Birmingham City Council?

3. Do you use any other agencies other than NOW Education for your staffing requirements?

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Davis

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