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Janik2 made this Freedom of Information request to Slough Borough Council

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Waiting for an internal review by Slough Borough Council of their handling of this request.

1. Two blocks of flats were built on the site of a former disabled children's home in Britwell's Rokesby Road. The site is between number 71 and the southern side of Lilac Court.

2. In keeping with Slough Unitary Authority's ('SUA') public "standards" neither block displays an external name or a door number.

3. What is SUA's planning policy, if any, for new buildings, i.e. built after 1998, to display door numbers visible from the public highway ?

4. Was any "display door numbers" requirement imposed by SUA upon the developer ? If so, what ?

5. Residents say they live in The Beeches, 73-79 Rokesby Road.

6. Royal Mail postcodes show Rokesby Road but there are no entries between door numbers 71 and 80.

7. SUA allocates DOOR NUMBERS so can SUA advise whether or not it informed Royal Mail of the door numbers for these anonymous flats ?

8. Will SUA take action to ensure both blocks of flats can be clearly identified by VISIBLE Rokesby Road door numbers and, if so, when ?

9. How many, if any, residents of the anonymous 17 flats at 73-79 Rokesby Road are shown on the current Electoral Roll ?

Mr Janik

FOI, Slough Borough Council

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_FreedomOfInformation, Slough Borough Council

This is to acknowledge receipt of your FoI request which is receiving attention

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For the attention of Mrs Jane Ward,

Please note Slough Unitary Authority's reply is now overdue.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Janik

_FreedomOfInformation, Slough Borough Council

Dear Mr Janik

I have been asked by Neil Wilcox the Director for Finance and Resources to respond to your email below. He has specifically asked that I remind you of the letter he sent to you on the 11th December 2017.

You will be aware that the letter outlined the arrangements for the future forms of communication that the council would accept from you for the 6 months, following the date of that letter. The letter made it clear that any emails from you, will not be responded to during that time.

You were also informed that should any vexatious communications occur within this 6 month period, contrary to the conditions outlined in the letter, further consideration will be given regarding how you communicate with Slough Borough Council in future.

Please accept this email as a notice of refusal to answer your request or any request for a review.

Should you submit further FOI requests before you have been informed that your ban has been lifted, these will not be acknowledged or responded to.

Regards, SBC FOI Officer

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Dear Jane Ward,

I will challenge Neil Wilcox's behaviour in the High Court and, obviously, publish the news worthy story.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Janik.

copy Nigel Pallace, acting Head of Paid Service
copy Cllr James Swindlehurst, Leader of Labour-run Slough Unitary Authority.