Social Workers refuse to audio record a lengthy meeting with a vulnerable adult with mental health injuries, AND to refuse to allow him to audio record a meeting and threatening to cancel the meeting

Steven King made this Freedom of Information request to Wiltshire Council

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The request was refused by Wiltshire Council.

Dear Wiltshire Council,

I have recently been contacted by two social workers to carry out an assessment of my needs at home, as I am elderly , disabled and considered vulnerable due to a mental health injury.

Having previously experienced very poor data quality and handling to my severe detriment within a number of Wiltshires' agencies, including Wiltshire Council , I formally requested they audio record the meeting they were proposing. They rang me back stating it was Wiltshire policy not to audio record meetings , and refused my request.

I asked if I could digitally audio record the meeting myself , but this was immediately refused, and I was told the meeting would not go ahead if they attended and audio recording equipment was seen to be in use.

I am awaiting the Adult Safeguarding team to make the necessary arrangements and get in touch, following a number of concerns and alerts raised about me by a number of agencies, even Jane Scott the Leader of Wiltshire Council who arranged for information I had told her during a radio interview on 02 03 2017 , to be passed to the most senior officers involved in Adult Safeguarding within WC ( regretably since that date , despite an email from former Wiltshire Police Superintendent , and now Councillor Jerry Wickham dated 03 03 2017 stating " Finally , please be assured that both Jane and myself take seriously the concerns you have and will do what we can to address this " . Since then , the months go by, but nobody has been in touch to take these matters forward , or to provide the services clearly identified within Wiltshire Adult Safeguarding policy , and my request for advocacy has been ignored since March - no help - no support - nothing !
In March, I requested the Safeguarding interview was audio recorded, this was refused.
I again asked if I could audio record it , again this was refused.
So I ask for any information you hold that would clearly explain to me WHY Wiltshire Council will not audio record ANYTHING about serious failings within Wiltshire that left me seriously injured 16-17 years ago, and have been in cover up mode since then.
What information do you hold that will show me how you as a council should - must support someone who is now disabled, vulnerable and remains injured and untreated following serious injuries suffered due to the failures of Wiltshires Agencies working in ' partnership '.

May I take this opportunity to remind you there is one of my requests where a review was requested many months ago, and staff indicated it would be dealt with - but it hasnt been?
May I also remind you my request regarding my interview with Jane Scott live on Wiltshire Radio on 02 03 2017 , submitted via whatdotheyknow on 17 July STILL has not been acknowledged in the same way other requestors FOIA requests are dealt with?


Yours faithfully,

Steven King

McConaghy, Andrew, Wiltshire Council

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Mr King,

Please find attached a copy of the letter sent to you by Wiltshire Council on 11 May 2017. For the avoidance of doubt that letter is a notice made under section 17 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 which clearly sets out that Wiltshire Council has applied section 14 (vexatious or repeated requests) of that Act to your requests and that section 17(6) of the Act applies to any future request on subjects you have previously raised.

Section 17(6) of the Act provides that there is no need to issue a refusal notice if the Council has already given you a refusal notice for a previous vexatious or repeated request and It would be unreasonable to issue another one. This, put simply, means the Council is not obliged to and will not respond to any future request you make on subjects you have previously and repeatedly raised.

Andrew McConaghy
Freedom of Information Lead
Information Governance Team
Corporate Office
County Hall
01225 713632
[Wiltshire Council request email]

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Barbara Richards left an annotation ()

It seems to me that people who have been victims of institutional abuse can now be prevented from making any complaint about appalling treatment by anonymous people accusing them of making "vexatious requests". What a strange world we all live in nowadays!

Steven King left an annotation ()

Thank you for your comment Barbera.
Wiltshire Council will not progress investigation of the safeguarding alerts and concerns that have been raised as have insisted on Legal Advocacy being provided - as local advocacy services have declined to be involved due to the seriousness of the matters I discussed with them.
So here I a having been very ill for the past 6 months due to all the stress, anxiety, bullying and cruel treatment I am being subjected to by Wiltshires agencies, and an adult safeguarding manager that refuses to allow me to audio record any meeting with her, refuses me a suitable level of advocacy support to deal with the matters I need to raise - hence a number of safeguarding alerts and concerns raised with the council by reliable people have not been progressed in the slightest. Are they gambling my frail state of health, my age and illnesses will eventually kill me off and they can again prevent the truth from coming out ?