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Dear 1994 Group,

As each university has it own researchers please could you answer the following:-

1/ At what stage does a university decide that a teaching model is not a working model.

2/ With huge research and data being available in the social services sector proving the serious flaws not only in child protection but also with numerous wrongful removals of children (far more than media reported cases) from decent families, proof in serious data flaws within departments i.e. false and misleading data recorded by social workers, the exceptional high abuse of the English lanquage by using metaphores etc. the disturbing use of unchecked referrals being made caused by malicious persons, illegal use of 3rd party, sometimes annon. statements, the constant repeats of false data to other agencies, psychologists and gals etc. leading to inaccurate assessments on a parent and the list goes on.

There is also the outstanding evidence that 'care' does more harm than good to then seriously vulnable children (many lost from decent parents) where abuse in all sections of the child protection issues (emotional, physical, neglet and sexual) are encountered and suffered by the children within the care system.

3/ Who within the university that promotes and teaches the social work in its current model takes the responsiblity for major reseach in social work.

4/ Southampton university already has made a decision on the social work model, so please could you let me know if any other university in your group intends to do the same.

Yours faithfully,

sheila oneill

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