Dear Somerset County Council,

I would be most grateful if you would provide me, under the Freedom of Information Act, the information requested below.

The details we require are:
- Who is your social media management and monitoring tool supplier?
- Start date & duration of framework/contract with supplier
- Actual spend on this contract/framework (and any sub lots), from the start of the contract to the current date
- Who is the senior officer (outside of procurement) responsible for this contract?

Thank you for your help.

Yours sincerely

Robin Brooke

Somerset County Council

Somerset County Council Information Request Team
Information request
Our reference: 7432373

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Somerset County Council

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Information request
Our reference: 7432373


Dear  Mr Brooke
Thank you for your request for information received on  11 January 2021 .
Please find attached our response to your request.
Yours sincerely

Tracey Crabb
Information Request Officer
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