So many Chinese investors have wanted to talk face to face with Cllr Millar Liverpool

The request was successful.

Dear Liverpool City Council,

Cllr Gary Millar, Was with the Chinese Consul General in Manchester at a party on the 6th October 2017 could Liverpool City Council please tell us was he on business for the council or was he acting alone?

Did any other member of Liverpool council attend this party/ Dinner in Manchester?

This matter was also talked about on Radio Merseyside by a friend of Cllr Millar.

Will Liverpool council please state for the public record if Cllr Millar will be going back to the far east, China, Hong Kong acting in the same role (Assistant Mayor & Mayoral Lead for Business & International Trade)?

So many Chinese investors have wanted to talk face to face with Cllr Millar over his bad advice at the dinner in Hong Kong he was with NPG Ltd Staff, Along with Peter A McInnes, and Samson Law who the Manchester police are now looking into, along with other depts will Cllr Millar please talk to the police over this meeting?

Chinese investors who have lost out so much money over their investments in Liverpool. Hong Kong is now part of China, So would Cllr, Millar talk to the police in China and Hong Kong as to his dealing with NPG Ltd and Samson Law?

New evidence of Cllr Millar endorsing NPG in Hong Kong back in 2015 will now be passed on Chinese Consul General's office in Manchester They should be questioning Cllr Millar over the disaster, not inviting him for dinner.

Will Cllr Millar also talk to the UK police and other departments in Manchester and London?
The matter also may be passed on to Anti-Money Laundering Suspicious Cases Unit
Abu Dhabi - UAE and China others.

Cllr Ann O'Byrne had stated she was in talks with the NCA, will she pass on any new details about Cllr Millars Hong Kong meeting and past dealing with the above names to any and all police units?
Will Cllr Millar also please tell as what he knows with regards to Peter A McInnes moving from Dubai and moving to the USA ?
Has Cllr Millar ever being paid by NPG Ltd and or Peter McInnes/ Samson Law/ or Tony Freeman/ or had gifts or other items?

Will Cllr Millar please state if he had held talks Mr (Samuel Beilin) in Liverpool and or Hong Kong in regards to selling £350,000 apartments off plan in both Chinatown and the Baltic House in Norfolk St Liverpool, as a number of investors from Hong Kong and China had meeting in Liverpool with Samuel Beilin who was a part of NPG Ltd and known to Cllr Millar, would Cllr Millar please try to recall this person?

Will Cllr Millar please tell us if he held talks with Pinnacle Manchester, who had sold both the Quadrant, Shaw St Liverpool and Paramount, London Rd in which was a scam run by Mr Tony Freeman from Hong Kong and the UK, Mr Freeman may have been at the meeting in Hong Kong when Cllr Millar was there, Has Cllr Millar held any talks with him or his office staff both in Hong Kong and Liverpool?

Yours faithfully,

Li Lee HK buyers

Finance and Resources, Liverpool City Council

Information request
Our reference: 558497

Dear Liverpool City Council,

I am still awaiting a overdue reply.

Yours faithfully,

Li Lee HK buyers

Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

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Dear Mr Lee


Please see attached response to your FOI Request as submitted to Liverpool
City Council. Our apologies for the delay, which has been necessitated in
view of the scale and extent of the questions raised in the multiple
requests you made.




Information Team


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