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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

I am looking for the information on who to Address the Small Claims form too.

During a period of a4e over £1400 was taken from my Benefits, no matter how much complaining was done to a4e internally at place of program and numerous complaints to the head office, my MP as well as complaining almost weekly for a whole year to job centre plus where no one acknowledged my complaints or helped with the issues that was causing the problem.
Just continuation of your/their proceedure's and sanctions.

This issue was eventualy resolved with MY evidence and went in my favor, where DWP was reluctent to repay me the moneies owing.
Almost 8 months untill all repaid, that was only after all evidence was given to MP where then DWP was forced to repay me money owing.

Now i would like to know where to send the Small Claims forms to for the 18 months loss harm and duress i suffered that this situation caused, would it be yourselves , a4e the company or the advisor of A4E that started a snowball of sanctions working under so called directives from A4E that was in turn working on behalf and Authority of DWP.

Yours faithfully,

B Smith

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Temperley Alan DWP Legal Services, Department for Work and Pensions

Dear Sir/Madam

Please send your claim form to -

Litigation Department
2nd Floor
Caxton House
Tothill Street


Alan Temperley|Business Manager | DWP legal team | Government Legal Department | 2nd Floor Caxton House | Tothill Street | London | SW1H 9NA | Tel: 020 7449 7914 | Ext 64914 | [mobile number]
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Temperley Alan DWP Legal Services, Department for Work and Pensions

Temperley Alan DWP Legal Services would like to recall the message, "Freedom of Information request - Small Claims A4E DWP".

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