Sir John Stradling Thomas MP correspondence 1990

Richard Card made this Freedom of Information request to Attorney General's Office

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Dear Attorney General’s Office,

We previously explored this without success

As you know Sir John's death MARCH 1991 at his FROBISHER HOUSE DOLPHIN SQUARE Home prevented him from raising a parliamentary ombudsman inquiry into handling of his correspondence. He appears to have written to DHSS Minister Tony NEWTON who forwarded mail to Patrick Mayhew and Earl Ferrers presumably with the relevant DHSS information attached (43 deaths of children in Hackney and Islington care at Beeches Ixworth Suffolk, 4 deaths Sue Ryder HQ Cavendish Suffolk Jan to july 1972)

Perhaps the five law officers, who purportedly studied the Matron McGill case file, all missed the pretty obvious implication that Earl Ferrers mail was nobbled ? If you look at New Zealand Govt letters 1972 you find it was Home Office who obtained a copy of McGill Decd Inquest record and provided it to NZ Govt. At the time Home Office together with Suffolk Chief constable was lying to the New Zealand Govt who wanted to re-open the Suffolk inquest on their citizen Matron McGill.

So 1990 it being within 30 years what do we infer ? Home Office still had a file. Good. Well done. If you now read Ferrers reply to Sir John what do you learn ? Yes the Home Office and DHSS files were not availed to Earl Ferrers. Otherwise he would have known why Sir John had just written and he would have learned that Sir Keith Joseph's DHSS and Reg Maudlings Home Office lied to family, friends and New Zealand Prime Minister of Matron McGill in 1972. And intriguingly he would have learned that Barbara Castle MP knew that was happening in 1972 at the time. And kept quiet.

What makes this of current public interest is Operation Winter Key and recent revelations at Islington Council. I refer of course to Suffolk Chief constable visit to Lord HENNIKER 1992 re child abuser Peter Righton moving to live on Henniker Estate. As you know RIGHTON was an associate and co-author with child abuser Dr Morris FRASER. Clearly Patrick MAYHEW had some history here. He was legal officer for the GMC hearing in 70s that let FRASER remain a psychiatrist in spite of child abuse convictions. On the GMC Panel was Professor TRETHOWAN who was psychiatrist adviser to DHSS. I wonder if he advised Keith Joseph re the cover up of 43 cerebral palsy child care deaths at Beeches Ixworth ? Anyway Patrick MAYHEW was soon off to be NI Secretary assisted by Lord HENNIKERs son in law ?

You can see how scorching an ombudsman inquiry would have been I assume.

Further current public interest is that not only did Suffolk Chief constable conceal Beeches tragic history in 1992 from Islington safeguarding he also concealed it from Islington Council White Inquiry 1995. Keeping up the tradition (Study McGill file Suffolk Chief constable lies 1972 1982 ) now further lies 1992 and 1995 ... the Suffolk PCC and sole candidate Chief constable have clearly been less than frank with Operations CAYACOS and MIDLAND and the evidence for that is they did not examine the implications of Sir Johns Dolphin Square death of 1991.

To add to the woes the Suffolk Chief constable 1992 had been appointed in 1989 from KENT I am told. Which means he would have been a Kent ACPO when end user cert, company fraud and sabotage crime complaints were not recorded and when security warnings on Deal Royal Marines Barracks were not pursued thus failing to prevent the 1989 terrorist killing of 11 Royal Marines. And as you know Gwent company fraud falsifying test data RN torpedoes were linked to KENT company fraud and sabotage reports emergency generators when Gwent Special Branch surrendered their case file to MOD. About 1993. Hence why it is also important to learn what Sir John wrote. Because it would be very naughty naughty if Nicholas Lyell failed to disclose this in the Matric Churchill case. A whole new level of economy with the actualite'

I have provided explanation of current public interest and importance of determination of historical truth. Please disclose what your office received as Sir John Stradling Thomas MP correspondence.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Card

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Dear Attorney General’s Office,

Could you add that to the McGill Decd file please. We are now establishing a further GLADIO connection.

We know that GLADIO has a connection with Deal Barracks bombing 1989 and security history.

We know that GLADIO was a line of inquiry for Special Branch re Plessey Torpedoes suspected saboteurs which would have been mentioned in Sir John Stradling Thomas correspondence.

We know that GLADIO was the brainchild of Harry SPORBORG founding trustee Sue Ryder Homes.

We know that Stay Behind in UK involved Peter FLEMING whose Nettlebed mansion became a Sue Ryder Home

Now see linkie we know that SPORBORGS fellow founding trustee Sue Ryder Homes AIREY NEAVE was up to his ears in setting up GLADIO.

And we know that in Nov 1990 the EU called on member states to dismantle GLADIO which was/is de facto a terrorist network.

We know that NEAVE and SPORBORG were the puppet masters who selected and steered THATCHER to power.

We know Welsh Regional Crime Squad discovered that Sue Ryder and Leonard Cheshire Homes were a de facto unlawful police no go area sustained by secret monitor and MI5 liaison by Special Branch.

So we know that all the attorneys general decisions in McGill Decd are contrary to New Zealand Govt wishes and also contrary to the investigatory requests of the EU.

We have established too I think that MAYHEW, LYELL, MORRIS and SCOTLAND were variously compromised in their duties to the Realm.

How many armed services gave their lives to protect this Realm in which the law and justice purportedly has primacy and independence ? In which the Judge beneficiary of an unlawful police no go area Lord DENNING founder Leonard Cheshire Homes had the brass nerve to say no matter how high you are the law must be above you. The abuse of attorney general secret public interest custodianship is a stain on the honour of all those who sacrificed themselves in defence of our Realm.

I hope this information helps you locate the information I seek.
Yours faithfully,

Richard Card

Dear Attorney General’s Office,

In case the link is not accessible

The beginnings What I am more interested in examining is the links between the United Kingdom and the establishment of – and the process of sustaining – the original stay-behind networks in that immediate post-war period. From the spring through to the autumn of 1944, post-war plans for the Special Operations Executive (SOE) were instigated. One figure who played a part in the preparations for what would become the ‘Gladio’ networks was British military intelligence officer (and future Conservative MP) officer Airey Neave. From late May of 1942, Neave was an officer in the ‘escape and evasion’ department MI9 and engaged in ‘secret communications with Occupied Europe and the training of agents’.4 Towards the end of WWII Airey Neave transferred to a section of MI9 known as I.S.9(Z)5 and he used this official placement, as the assessor for the granting of awards and medals to MI9 agents (in the Dutch, French and Italian resistances), as a means to also covertly assess potential recruits for stay-behind networks.6 In his biography of Airey Neave, the author Paul Routledge quotes Dr. Stephen Dorril, who had provided research assistance for the book: ‘European accounts of the stay-behind networks are fairly consistent in their claims that, before hostilities had ceased, networks were already tentatively being planned. Central to these activities were personnel from SOE and in particular from IS9. It is interesting to note the postings of senior IS9 officers and the setting up of “fronts” as the war wound down. These fronts acted as intelligence gathering and recruitment centres and provided cover for MI9 and MI6 officers. It has been suggested that it is through these centres

Yours faithfully,

Richard Card

Dear Attorney General’s Office,

You are overdue to respond

Yours faithfully,

Richard Card

AGO Correspondence, Attorney General's Office

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Dear Mr Card,


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Yours sincerely,




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