Signal related incidents since the opening of the new London Bridge platforms

Jamie Spooner made this Freedom of Information request to Network Rail Limited

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Dear Network Rail Limited,

Since the opening of the new platforms at London Bridge there have been a number of incidents (mainly signal related) causing misery to thousands of passengers travelling to and from London terminals.

Please can you provide full details of these incidents since the new platforms at London Bridge have been open:

- date and time of incident
- type of incident
- location of the incident
- total time taken to rectify the incident
- full details (not just a summary) and chronology of the incident
- associated logs taken from the incident management system
- associated paperwork completed during and after the incident

Yours faithfully,
Jamie Spooner

FOI, Network Rail Limited

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Dear Mr Spooner

Please find attached a letter from Network Rail in response to your recent request for information.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Mantle | Information Officer
Freedom of Information | Legal Corporate & Commercial

Network Rail | 1st Floor | Willen Building | The Quadrant: MK
Elder Gate | Milton Keynes | MK9 1EN
Telephone: 01908 782405
Email: [Network Rail request email]

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Secretary, Sevenoaks Rail Travellers Association left an annotation ()

It seems that Network Rail are in breach of their duty under Section 16 of the FOI Act to assist.

From the original request it seems obvious that "causing misery to thousands of passengers travelling to and from London terminals" is a description of the effects of signal failures, and not part of the search criteria as Network Rail suggest.

To get the information required Network Rail should be asked for details of all Network Rail infrastructure incidents that caused train service delays in the period, including in each case the number of delay minutes attributed to the incident.

J Taylor left an annotation ()

Actually, the original request seems to be very vaguely worded and it's not at all clear what recorded information is being sought.

The request starts by referring to "mainly signal related" incidents, but it's not clear if the requester **only** wants information about signal-related incidents.

It also refers to "passengers travelling to and from London terminals" but does not specify which terminals - is the requester just seeking incidents affecting London Bridge? If not, which other London terminals does the request relate to?

Furthermore, "associated paperwork" is a very wide-ranging phrase and could mean all types of recorded information, such as internal emails, or passenger complaints, or something else.

Paragraph 32 of the ICO's guidance on providing advice and assistance says that a public authority is entitled to ask for more detail, if required, to identify and locate the relevant information, if the request is not clear from the outset.