Short Breaks Services Statement

Emily Tyrrell made this Freedom of Information request to Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council,

Under the Freedom of Information Act, I request the following information in relation to your Short Breaks Services Statement:

1) What evidence do you have that the statement is accessible to families (i.e. unique visitors/ postal reach etc.)?
2) How often do you review the Short breaks statement? When was the last time you revised it and for what reason?
3) How many children have been refused short breaks services because of eligibility criteria in the last twelve months? How many of these had an assessment?
4) How often do you consult families on the content of the short breaks statement? When did this last happen and how many families were involved?
5) What evidence do you have that you deliver short breaks to children and young people as outlined in your statement?

Yours faithfully,

Emily Tyrrell

Janet Morris, Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council

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Dear Ms Tyrrell


Please find attached our acknowledgement letter in respect of your recent
Freedom of Information Request reference 4108.


Kind regards



Janet Morris


Information Governance Officer

CMBC Democratic & Partnership Services

Northgate House





Tel: 01422 392043

Email: [email address]







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Suzanne Butterfield, Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council

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Dear Mrs Tyrrell


Please find attached our response to your recent request.


Yours sincerely



Suzanne Butterfield

Management Information Officer

Information Governance Team

Democratic and Partnership Services

3rd Floor

Northgate House





(Working hours Tuesday-Friday 10am-3pm)

Tel: 01422 392043

Fax: 01422 393073

Email: [email address]





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