Shisha smoking in Scarborough

Jenny Legg made this Freedom of Information request to Scarborough Borough Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Scarborough Borough Council,

The British Heart Foundation is researching tobacco related issues for the annual health campaign No Smoking Day, which has helped millions of smokers attempt to quit.

Anecdotally, shisha smoking seems to be on the rise (and several local authorities tell us shisha bars are problematic in terms of enforcement). We’d like to raise awareness of the health harms of smoking shisha, which could help reduce some of the problems licensing authorities face.

Your help in answering the following questions as quickly as possible would be greatly appreciated.


1. Please provide the number of premises that are known to be currently operating as shisha bars in your area.

2. Please provide the number of premises that were known to be operating as a shisha bars in 2007 in our area.

3. If your data does not go back as far as 2007, please provide the number premises known to be operating as shisha bars for the oldest year possible, and please state which year you are providing data for.

Many thanks,

Jenny Legg
Media officer
British Heart Foundation

Tony Abbs, Scarborough Borough Council

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F.A.O : Jenny Legg-Media Officer, British Heart Foundation


Please see attached reply to your original request of 02 December 2011.




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Environmental Health Officer

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