Sheikh Raed Salah detention

Richard Tebboth made this Freedom of Information request to Home Office

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was partially successful.

Richard Tebboth

Dear Home Office,

There is a report on

which says:-

'After a three-hour hearing yesterday in London, Sheikh Raed Salah was denied bail by the courts and is to remain in a high security prison with dangerous criminals until his appeal against deportation is heard.

'The judge stated that the prosecution's submissions that Sheikh Raed would abscond if granted bail were not convincing, and neither did they find the evidence against him persuasive. They did not allow the bail on the grounds that the Home Secretary must have compelling evidence for taking the steps that she did, and the court was not prepared to contravene this.'

My request is that Ms May publishes the 'compelling evidence'

Thank you for your help

Yours faithfully,

Richard Tebboth +44 (0) 7816 853259

Freedom Of Information Team ( IND ), Home Office

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Richard Tebboth,
Please find attached a response to your request made under the Freedom of
Information Act.
Ben Smith
Freedom of Information Act Policy Team
Senior Policy Advisor
UK Border Agency
Lunar House - 11th Floor - Short Corridor
40 Wellesley Road, Croydon


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