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Dear Norfolk County Council,

Please could you provide the answers to the questions below regarding Shared Services.

1. Do you currently have any shared services within Social Care with other/s Local Authorities?
If yes, please state with who and what areas e:g Children’s, Adults etc…

2. Please describe your plans with joint working between Social Care and Health.

Yours faithfully,

Ryan Owen

Information Management, Norfolk County Council

Freedom of Information Act 2000


Dear Mr Owen


I refer to your request for information dated 30 December 2013 In
accordance with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, I
have now processed your request. 


You Asked

Do you currently have any shared services within Social Care with other/s
Local Authorities? 


Our Response

Norfolk County Council does not have any shared Adult Social Care services
with other Local Authorities.


You Asked

Please describe your plans with joint working between Social Care and


Our Response

Norfolk County Council is working closely with the Clinical Commissioning
Groups. around the Integration Transformation Fund/Better Care Fund. 


Norfolk County Council wants to bring care closer to people in the
communities and away from the acute hospitals.


Shift funding to those people that use the services the most (frail older
people with complex needs, people with long term conditions); and
strengthen our focus on prevention.


We have an integrated equipment service with Health.


We have an Integrated Commissioning team across Norfolk for the County
Council and the five Clinical Commissioning Groups.


We have integrated working with Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health
Foundation Trust.


There is co-location of community health and social care staff in the

We have a joint senior post with Norfolk community Health and care in
Western locality.


There are social work teams based in the acute hospitals.

The Norfolk County council Reablement and Swifts service take referrals
from hospitals and health.


If you are dissatisfied with our handling of your request you have the
right of appeal through the Council's internal complaints procedure by
setting out the grounds of your appeal in writing to:


The Compliments and Complaints Manager


Norwich NR1 2BR

E-mail: [email address]


An appeal should be submitted within 40 working days of the date of this
notice and should be identified as "FOI Appeal".


If you are dissatisfied after pursuing the complaints procedure, you may
apply to the Information Commissioner under Section 50 of the Act for a
decision whether your request for information has been dealt with in
accordance with the requirements of Part I of the Act.  Contact details as


First Contact Team

Information Commissioner's Office

Wycliffe House

Water Lane, Wilmslow

Cheshire SK9 5AF

E-mail: [1][email address]


Kind Regards


Sharon Revell



Sharon Revell

Information Compliance Officer

Norfolk County Council

Room B31

County Hall



Direct Line: 01603 222170


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