Sexual offences

Mr J Craig made this Freedom of Information request to Belfast Education and Library Board (Northern Ireland)

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The request was successful.

Dear Belfast Education and Library Board (Northern Ireland),

Under the freedom of information act I wish to enquire as to the following

1) the amount of child on child sexual acts reported to you.
2) the ages of those involved
3) the actions taken by staff once it was made known to them
4) the policy of BELB in relation to this activity, and how to prevent it
5) the actions BELB will take on staff who fail in their duty of care and protection

Yours faithfully,

Mr J Craig

Info(BELB), Belfast Education and Library Board (Northern Ireland)

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Thank you for your enquiry. It has been forwarded to the appropriate board officers. Please refer to the attachment advising how your request will be handled.

Liz Johnston
FOI Manager
028 90564316

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Liz Johnston, Belfast Education and Library Board (Northern Ireland)

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I have received the following response to your enquiry.
Question 1
Child on child sexual acts are reported to PSNI and Social Services. The
education sector does not have the legal duty or mandate to make a
judgement about what is or what is not a child on child sexual act. Only
the investigating authorities can determine what is and what is not a
child sexual act. They will hold the relevant data.
Question 2 and question 3 relate to question 1
Question 4
The “board” does not have a policy relation to the  circumstance  you
refer to. The board follows the   regional education and library boards (
elb’s) child protection guidance and procedures.
Question 5
The board has agreed disciplinary procedures for dealing with potential
allegations of misconduct by staff. The board also has a legal duty to
make referrals to the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) in specific
circumstances where it is deemed necessary to remove members of staff from
regulated activity working with children and vulnerable adults.
Regarding the policy in relation to child protection;
All education and library boards (elb’s ) operate under the regional elb
child protection guidance and procedures ( attached below ).
Different groups of board officers will have to adhere to additional codes
of conduct if they are registered and belong to a regulated service, for
example  Education Psychologists, Education Welfare Officers, Teachers.
I hope this is helpful.
Liz Johnston
FOI Manager
028 90564316

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