Sewer Problems - Broad Road, Sale

Concerned Resident made this Environmental Information Regulations request to United Utilities Water PLC
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Concerned Resident

Dear United Utilities Water PLC,
CASE NUMBER 003357318
During any heavy rainfall Broad Road becomes flooded as the gulleys cannot discharge the volume of water into the main sewer.

The torrential rain of 16 June 2020 caused the main sewer to overflow back through the interceptor and into the man hole (MH) and the backwash flooded up the pipe to my cellar light gulley and filled it to a depth of two feet, with water, waste, sludge and silt and flooding in the cellar. This led to three visits by Dyno-Rod to clear the blockage and clean our the cellar light gulley, the drain from the gully, the MH and through to the interceptor.

However, the volume of water, sludge/silt in overflowing into the MH caused it to partially collapse as seen by a UU team who visited 26/06/20 under work number 438777, but who failed to resolve the issue. and it was left to Dyno-Rod to clear the MH and carry out CCTV investigations which found a silted sewer drain beyond the interceptor to such an extent that after a initial video/photo evidence showing a high volume of sludge/silt and foreign materials filling the drain, there was loss of further vision.

I would like to request the records showing the frequency of drain clearance in Broad Road between 01/01/10 and 12/08/20.

Yours faithfully,

Barry Smith

Environmental Information’s Regulations Response, United Utilities Water PLC

Thank you for your email on Thu Aug 13 2020 18:25:51 regarding your
Environmental Information’s Regulations (EIR) enquiry, please take this
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We will aim to reply to you as soon as possible and no later than 20
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Thank you,
Environmental Information’s Regulations (EIR) Team.

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EIRRequests, United Utilities Water PLC

Dear Mr Smith

Thank you for your request for information.

From United Utilities (UU's) records I am advised the following:

"UU attended the customer property on 26.06.20 following reports of internal flooding on CASE 00362241 - SA-438777. A private contractor had advised this was a UU issue. Onsite investigation found a private blockage to be the cause (Silt/Rubble in private inspection chamber). Customer was advised onsite.

Further visit on 20.08.20 following customer advising blockage had been cleared and issue remains on transfer sewer. Team attended under CASE 00418896 - SA-514017 finding private inspection chamber still to be blocked. Works carried out onsite to restore flow but due to structural issues within the private inspection chamber team unable to survey from private drainage onto transferred lateral/ to the main. Customer advised repair of private inspection chamber would be required."

There are no incidents visible on our systems that show your property being impacted by the public sewer in the last 10 years. The planned cleaning programme has also been checked and indicates that UU has not inspected the sewer serving the customer property on a proactive basis at any time in the last 10 years. Planned inspection is scheduled when there is a history of repeated issues with a particular sewer which warrants inspection and cleaning.

Yours sincerely

Kind regards

Claire Thomson
EIR Team

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