Settled Status Scheme - Outreach cost

Axel Antoni made this Freedom of Information request to Home Office

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The request was refused by Home Office.

Dear Home Office,

This request is referring to document “ Impact Assessment for EU Settlement Scheme” (IA No: HO0316 )

Regarding above mentioned document I have the following information request:

Advertising, Outreach & Legal Advice
a) Please confirm that advertising, outreach & legal advice to EU citizens form part of the £360 - £410 million.

b) Please breakdown how much of the £360-£410 million within the impact assessment was budgeted for:
1) Advertisement of the scheme
2) Legal advice
3) Other outreach activities.

Yours faithfully,

Axel Antoni

FOI Requests, Home Office

Axel Antoni,

Thank you for contacting the Home Office with your requests.

They have been assigned to a caseworker (case ref 51766). We will aim to send you a full response by 31/01/2019 which is twenty working days from the date we received your request.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,

P. Zebedee
FOI Requests
Home Office

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Dear FOI Requests,
This request seems to be delayed. I understand that sometimes things can run a bit late but could you please advise when I will receive the requested information.

Yours sincerely,

Axel Antoni

Dear FOI Requests,
May I please ask why this request has not received an answer after 26 working days?

Yours sincerely,

Axel Antoni