Services supplied to the lea and schools within Kcc by company

Claire Thornton made this Freedom of Information request to Kent County Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Kent County Council,

I would like to request under the freedom of information act, the following information.

- schools which are provided services or goods by Amelix educational resources within Kent.

-details including names of any such schools, both maintained and those they are funded by Kent county council and details of the services they recieve.

- any other interests that Kcc have in the above company.

Yours faithfully,
Miss Thornton.

Kent County Council

Dear Ms Thornton


Thank you for your email below.


Kent County Council acknowledges your request for information under the
Freedom of Information Act 2000. Assuming KCC holds this information, we
will endeavour to supply the data to you as soon as possible but no later
than 27th November 2015 (20 working days from date of receipt).


We will advise you as soon as possible if we do not hold this information
or if there are exemptions to be considered and/or any costs for providing
the information. Please quote our reference - FOI/15/1819 - in any
communication regarding this particular request.


Best regards


Laura Pronger | Information Access Officer | Information Resilience &
Transparency Team | Kent County Council | Room 2.71, Sessions House,
Maidstone, ME14 1XQ | 03000 416590 |



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Kent County Council

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Dear Miss Thornton


Thank you for your request for information made under the Freedom of
Information Act (FOIA) 2000, relating to Amelix educational resources


I am pleased to provide the response below:


1)   “Schools which are provided services or goods by Amelix educational
resources within Kent.”

2)   “Details including names of any such schools, both maintained and
those they are funded by Kent county council and details of the services
they receive.”


KCC does not hold this information even for its maintained schools. Under
our policy of delegated management they are not obliged to report their
choice of suppliers to KCC and to obtain this information you will need to
contact the individual schools. Contact details for schools are published
at the following link:


3)   “Any other interests that KCC have in the above company”.  


As of  30th September 2015, KCC holds no shares in this company.


KCC has made payments totalling £40,326 (excluding any VAT) from the year
2010-11 to date to Amelix Ltd as in the attached spread sheet.


The meanings of the codes used are as follows:-


C 8DS 50315 Democratic & Member


E 1DE 13440 

E – Education, Learning & Skills

1DE – Early Years & Child Care

13440 – Grant Children’s Information


E 1EH 10261 and E 1EH 10277:  Skills & Employability 14-19 year
olds                        £11,250



K – Customer & Communities

2UA – Youth Services

43386 – KIASS



064 Training                 

401 Specialist fees

462  Advertising


The explanations of the payments are as follows:-


In 2011, £8,000 plus vat was paid to Amelix Educational Resources to run
school science projects at the Kent Science Resource Centre, based in


In 2012,  a total of £3,900 plus VAT was paid to Amelix split over two
payments to attend the KentChoices4U Live 2012 event held on the 14^th and
15^th of March. The company organised interactive science projects and had
a careers stand to advise young people about career opportunities within
the sciences.


The staging costs were for an annual carol concert by a school choir in
Invicta House, to which all Members and staff are traditionally invited on
the day of the County Council meeting in December.


The Council has the attached contract with Amelix to deliver social
marketing campaigns and events.  The “Leeds [probably Leeds Castle]
classical concert” is a reference to advertising content in a concert


The “Headstart” items, part of Kent’s troubled families programme, were
partly externally funded.  The funding is to trial new ways of providing
early support both in and out of school, with a focus on improving the
resilience and lives of young people.


If you are unhappy with this response, and believe KCC has not complied
with legislation, please ask for a review by following our complaints
process; details can be found at this link
on our website. Please quote reference FOI/15/1819.


If you still remain dissatisfied following an internal review, you can
appeal to the Information Commissioner, who oversees compliance with the
Freedom of Information Act 2000. Details of what you need to do, should
you wish to pursue this course of action, are available from the
Information Commissioner’s website [2]


Yours sincerely


Kirsty-Leigh Robertson| Information Access Officer | Information
Resilience & Transparency Team | Room 2.71, Sessions House, Maidstone |
Phone 03000 418301 | Fax 03000 420303 |
[3]http://knet/ourcouncil/Pages/information... |



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