Serious Ommissions in Security History Admiralty Board Report Deal Barracks Bombing 1989

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Kent Police should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Kent Police,

The Admiralty Board of Inquiry report into the IRA bombing of Deal Royal Marines Barracks 1989 makes no mention of the following:

(1) That the barracks was the base for unauthorized military training groups, thought associated with the IRA supportive right wing groups in UK, from 1975 to 1982 and that their organisers had keyholding status at weekends.

(2) That retired Brigadier Mike HARVEY, and a Sergeant major from APTC, reported concerns to MI5 in 1982 about the "Unsuitable right wing" using Deal Barracks.

(3) That a crime complaint of obtaining employ by deception (False REME Army Service Record used to clear civilian vetting) re a guard working for Reliance Security at Deal Barracks was refused and not actioned by Kent Police 198/89

(4) That complaints (Supported by witness statement) the guard had an associate who had been arrested 1987 for paramilitary activity in TA were not actioned by Kent Police.

(5) That complaints (Suported by witness statement) that an associate of the guard had approached Kent miners trying to obtain mining explosives were not actioned by Kent Police.

Has Kent Police, especially in view of the expose' in press in 2009 of James SHORTT as bogus former SAS (the organiser of military training groups at Deal 75 to 82)taken appropriate action to report to Govt to correct the ommissions it sourced in the original Admiralty Board of Inquiry Report into the 1989 IRA bombing which killed 11 Royal Marines.

In 2003 Kent Police were provided evidence of association from the 1970sn between associates of the guard and a man who allagedly conducted (or conducts) technical sabotage consistent with Stage 3 of the OIRA Garloand Plan. Request for inquiry into this matter was made to Kent Police in 1987. If your force had acted properly then evidence the guard had associations with an alleged saboteur of IRA MO should have resulted in immediate upgrade of barracks security hence probably saving the lives of 11 Royal Marines.

Just to clarify. This is about SECURITY arrangements and the compelling case made toi upgrade them that Kent Police failed to pursuie. This is NOT a "Conspiracy theory" aimed at guessing who blew the barracks up. The question is grounded in the discipliones of evidence and you should begin answering in the same vein avoiding you tiresome ad hominem, fallacies.

In short the Admiralty Board Report must have relied on Kent Police for the security history and the history reported is misleading with the above serious ommissions. What are you doing to correct the report to Government ?

Yours faithfully,

Richard Card

Bornindeal left an annotation ()

Yes, I'd be interested to know too and why this request has been ignored.

Richard Card left an annotation ()

Thank you Bornindeal. I think the only thing Kent Police can do is nothing and stay silent. I am called as a witness to the National Crime Agency inquiry into Stephen Lawrence case corruption. I am also trying to raise an Article 2 inquest into a Guys hospital tragedy 1995. The hospital Petbow power system failed and cut power to post op life support leading to death of a child patient.

Guys Hospital Petbow system featured in Deal Barracks security warnings as a suspect site for sabotage consistent with IRA Garland terrorist plan. The alleged saboteur being a long term associate of the Reliance guard with the false REME service history.

By 1995 the ACC Ops Kent, at time of 89 bombing and 92 arrests by SERCS of UDA hit men and drugs traffickers based in Margate. had moved to Met and was area Commander SE London. So was in charge of Lawrence inquiry and Guys Petbow failure child death inquiry.

1995 was the year Det sgt Davidson of Lawrence Inquiry was disciplined for moonlight bodyguard work on police time and falsifying met duty records. This would appear to present a problem as Met cannot prove Davidson remained on duty after arresting Gary Dobson in response to unlawful political pressure created by the Lawrences soliciting Mandela during his visit to UK two weeks after the Stephen Lawrence killing. So in breach of law of adverse disclosure to defences the disciplinary was not disclosed to defences at Lawrence private prosecution 95 or CPS prosecution 2012.

Who was source of the moonlight bodyguard work ? mmmm Could it be the bodyguards assn started by unlawful use at weekends of Deal Barracks 1976 to 1983 who had Charlie Kray as a client ? An associate of Clifford Norris. And with this compelling linkage to the father of a Lawrence case suspect why did the Lawrence team go along with the cover up ? Including by Kent Police conduct of MacPherson inquiry.

I complained to CPS last year about the non disclosure and pointed out that former Kent Chief constable Fuller working for CPS 2012 was fully aware of this history CPS did not disclose adverse facts to defences ?

CPS Head of Organised Crime wrote to NCA and Met. Next thing Met disclosed CCTV footage publicly that reveals the distinctive jacket was not that of Gary Dobson and it wasn't Dobson wearing it.

Apart from area commander SE London being ex Kent ACC. Kent conducted MacPherson Inquiry (Ayling) and the Met MacPherson monitoring unit was headed by ex Kent ACC Dennis O Connor.

In 1996 this Kent police history nigh came back to bite the realm big time. The most serious IRA deployment ever. Kent Police described warnings as "Unduly imaginative". Jonathan Aitken MP went over their heads to MI5 and West Midlands and Met Police made the pre emptive arrests of IRA team recceing Broad Oak sub station Canterbury. Look up IRA sugar bomb hoax. If IRA had got the power distribution grid shut down then nuke power stations have to shut down with back up gennies supplying the safety systems. I have good information that Dungeness back ups would not have worked hence Chernobyl on Kent coast about four hours after the blackout.

I reported by invitation to UK post Japanese tsunami review of our civil nuclear security. So that is the total waste of space anti terrorist effort of Kent Police which went on to expose realm to that level of threat. That went on to corrupt Lawrence investigation too.

In 2007 Tony Blair who had invited my reports introduced new security of electrical supply guidelines for NHS hospitals.

And all I wanted was for Kent Police to record my crime complaints of company fraud and sabotage at Petbow and pursue the 41 lines of inquiry pointing at security breach Deal Barracks.

I want article 2 inquest for the 11 Royal Marines victims too to judge whether Kent Police criminally failed to protect life.

Kind regards Richard

Lianne left an annotation ()

Hi Richard are you still looking into this? I would like to make contact and speak some more if possible?

Richard Card left an annotation ()

Dear Lianne

Sorry Richard had a stroke in 2018. He is now unable to discuss. Some of his case records papers are now in public records archive which has sealed them till 2047.

Kind regards