Serious health risks 4g and 5g across Wirral

Waiting for an internal review by Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council of their handling of this request.

Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council,
Can you please supply evidence that Wirral Council have taken stringent measures on assessing health and safety risks of 4g and 5g transmitting antenna they are now allowing Mobile companies Carte Blanche to establish across Wirral?. Thankyou.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Barnes

Dalton, Chelsea, Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

Dear Mr Barnes,


Thank you for your recent FOI request, submitted under the Freedom of
Information Act 2000. Our response is as follows:


The Local Planning Authority cannot take health considerations into
account when determining mast proposals.


All proposals for telecommunications development should be submitted with
an International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP)
Certificate. This certificate confirms that the mast meets the guidelines
for public exposure. Beyond this, the health effects in relation to the
development or concerns about them, cannot be considered further by the
Local Planning Authority.


Public Health England advises the UK government departments and others on
standards of protection for exposure to ionising and non-ionising
radiation. They offer expert advice on the health implications relating to
human exposure to electromagnetic fields, drawing upon the most up-to-date
research world-wide.


Wirral Council would like to thank you for your patience.


I trust this information assists with your enquiries.


Yours sincerely,


Chelsea Dalton

Information Management Officer

Business Management

Treasury Building

Argyle Street



CH41 1AH

Tel: 0151 666 5201

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Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council,

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council's handling of my FOI request 'Serious health risks 4g and 5g across Wirral'.

This complaint rests on 1/ All local authorities have duty of care for public health. The acceptance of 5g roll out by this authority without any proper health risk tests on effects of the millimeter EMFs on human beings or wildlife is a breach of Human rights and UK wildlife laws.
2/ Using the public and the wide environment as a 'test bed' without any public consultation or proper full open and transparent information denying public full participation at an early stage when all options are open, before any decision is taken also breaches Aarhus Covention to which UK is legally signed up to.
I request this complaint instigates a full and proper review by Wirral council at the serious public healtb aspects involved if this roll out takes place.Thankyou.

A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address:

Yours faithfully,

Derick Barnes

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