Serco and other national/local contract awards

grooks made this Freedom of Information request to Competition Commission

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was refused by Competition Commission.

Dear Competition Commission,

Would you be so kind and to publish the following information, which i am unable to find in the public domain.


A search of "What do they" shows a large base of requests made to both local and central Governments concerning international companies and their awarded contracts and the general public's request to have information concerning these contracts, awards and financial figures published.

Reading your "About us" page, it goes on to say.. "ensuring healthy competition between companies in the UK for the benefit of companies, customers and the economy."

With this in mind would you please investigate SERCO, and the fact that this company seems to have an unhealthy hold on public contracts, serco being diverse but not specialising in such area's as Education, Waste management, Out of hours GP service, Gatso calibration and training management, lease of fire and rescue vehicles, national train services,Departments of works and pensions,IT provider, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, even window cleaning of public buildings.

The above list of found contracts is not the end of the list.

in Particular, would you investigate Serco and

1) Its overall percentage of the UK(central)contract Market

2) The number of contracts with central Government

3) The number of contracts with all local Government

4) The Total Cost per year of Contracts awarded(central)

5) The total cost per year of contracts awarded(local)

6) What measures are in place to ensure the Government agencies allow healthy competition, so as not to allow a monopoly(To have one's cake and eat it too.)

Yours faithfully,

Mr G.Rooks

Stephen Bracken-Kemish,

Dear Mr Rooks


Thank you for your email to the Competition Commission requesting an
investigation into SERCO.


The role of the [1]Competition Commission  is to conduct in-depth
inquiries into mergers, markets and the regulation of the major regulated
industries following a reference made to us by another authority: usually
the [2]Office of Fair Trading or one of the sector regulators for
communications, gas and electricity, water, rail, airports, and postal
services.  We cannot initiate investigations without a referral from one
of these bodies. I regret the Commission is therefore unable to action
your request.


The appropriate body for you to contact in this instance is the Enquiries
and Reporting Centre at the Office of Fair Trading. The role of the Office
of Fair Trading is to promote and protect the interests of consumers in
the UK while ensuring that businesses are fair and competitive.


The OFT Enquiries and Reporting Centre can be e-mailed at
[3][email address].  Alternatively, they can be contacted by
telephone on 08457 22 44 99. In this case you should wait for the third
option which deals with Enterprise and Competition Act queries.  This will
take you to the Enquiries and Reporting Centre.


The Office of Fair Trading is currently undertaking a [4]study into
public sector procurement. For more information, please click on the link


[5]Commissioning and competition in the public sector



Yours sincerely


Stephen Bracken-Kemish

Information and Records Officer

Competition Commission

Victoria House

Southampton Row

London WC1B 4AD



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