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Lewis Jones made this Freedom of Information request to Lancaster City Council

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Dear Lancaster City Council,

We are a provider of high quality accommodation and support for semi-independent living for Care Leavers 16+ based in Merseyside and have a few questions:

1) Who specifically can we contact to gain access to the portal/tender?
2) Once all mandatory documents have been uploaded and verified on your portal, how long is it before a new provider starts getting referrals?
3) Can you advise on the councils required property standards for up to 3 different tenants/occupants 16+?
4) Does the Local authority/ Childrens Trust carry out an inspection of the property before placements commence?
5) How many young people 16+ have been placed with private providers in the local authority since beginning of 2019?
5) Do you hold provider meetings? If so how can one arrange to attend one of these?
7) How often does the local authority/childrens' trust make payments to providers for services provided?
8) What is the average weekly payment amount to semi independent living providers for 16+?
9) Please supply list of standard policies & procedures the Local authority/Childrens' Trust expect from providers?
10) Apart from the placements portal, is there any other way of getting care leaver placements?

Thanks in advance,

Lewis Jones

info, Lancaster City Council

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Dear Lewis Jones,

Freedom of Information Request - Ref: FOI 2644

I write to confirm receipt of your request for information, which was
received on 17th June 2019 and has been processed under the Freedom of
Information Act 2000. Your request has been given the unique reference
number as stated in the subject header above and you should quote this
reference number in all correspondence.


I have to inform you that the information you have requested is not held
by Lancaster City Council.  In this instance we believe the information
may be held by Lancashire County Council who can be contacted via this
email address:


[1][email address]


If you have any queries or concerns about this email then please do not
hesitate to contact me. Please remember to quote the FOI reference number
above in any future communications.


Kind regards



Jenni McGrath

Information Governance Officer

Deputy Data Protection Officer

Email: [2][Lancaster City Council request email]

Tel:      (01524) 58 2000


Governance (Information Governance), Town Hall, Lancaster LA1 1PJ

[3][Lancaster City Council request email]                                                              

Website: [4]


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