Selective Licensing Cost Estimates and Models

Matt Wardman made this Freedom of Information request to Hyndburn Borough Council

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Dear Hyndburn Borough Council,

Please would you supply me with a copy of the cost calculations, models and reasoning used in setting the price for Landlord Licenses under your current Selective Licensing Proposals.

Please include details of different cost elements which go to make up the final price, how they are made up over the 5 year period, and the expectations of how many landlords and properties will comply with the scheme.

My preference would be to receive the information electronically, either in Microsoft Office or Open Office format.

If the information will be available in stages, please would you pass the relevant information available to me at each stage.

Yours faithfully,

Matt Wardman

foi, Hyndburn Borough Council

Dear Mr. Wardman,


Thank you for your e-mail requesting information under the Freedom of
Information Act 2000.  Your request is being considered and you will
receive the information requested within the statutory timescale of 20
working days as defined by the Freedom of Information Act 2000, subject to
the information not being exempt or containing a reference to a third


For your information, the Act defines a number of exemptions which may
prevent release of the information you have requested. There will be an
assessment and if any of the exemption categories apply then the
information will not be released. You will be informed if this is the
case, including your rights of appeal.


If the information you request contains reference to a third party then
they may be consulted prior to a decision being taken on whether or not to
release the information to you. You will be informed if this is the case.


There may be a fee payable for ‘reasonable disbursement’ costs such as
postage and photocopying.   This will be considered and you will be
informed if a fee is payable. In this event the fee must be paid before
the information is processed and released. The 20 working day time limit
for responses is suspended until receipt of the payment. If appropriate,
the information may be provided in paper copy, normal font size. If you
require alternative formats, e.g. language, audio, large print, etc. then
please let me know.


If you have any queries or concerns then please contact me on 01254 380184
or  [1][Hyndburn Borough Council request email] .


FOI Co-ordinator



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foi, Hyndburn Borough Council

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Dear Mr. Wardman,


Your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 has
been considered and a response follows:


I reply in response to your request for information relating to selective
licensing cost estimates and models. 


The legislation and guidance allows the Council to recover its costs in
providing a selective licensing scheme.  We have used the CIPFA financial
toolkit for licencing to calculate our costs and fees which includes a
five year cash flow.   We estimate that there are 1520 private rented
dwellings in the Designation Area and that a minimum of 90% will be
required to pay, including a small element who will not comply.  We have
also estimated that a further 190 dwellings will become licensable during
the five year Designation. 


The toolkit provides a detailed breakdown of our assumptions and
calculations of the different cost elements.  I have attached the toolkit
in PDF format as a Microsoft Office spreadsheet can be manipulated. A
blank toolkit can be obtained from CIPFA.  I have also attached a summary
breakdown of the cost per licence.


If you have any queries or concerns or if you are dissatisfied with the
handling of your request then please contact me at Legal and Democratic
Services, Hyndburn Borough Council, Scaitcliffe House, Ormerod Street,
Accrington, Lancashire BB5 0PF or:  [1][Hyndburn Borough Council request email] 


If you are still dissatisfied then you can also complain to the
Information Commissioner at:

Information Commissioner's Office

Wycliffe House

Water Lane




Telephone:   01625 545 700



Yours sincerely


FOI Co-ordinator


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Dear foi,

Thank you - an excellent response.

Yours sincerely,

Matt Wardman