Seismic Activity at Preston New Road and Well Integrity -Tests and Reporting in October 2018

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Dear Health and Safety Executive,

Regulatory role of HSE

1) i) Is the HSE monitoring the operations at Preston New Road in real time? if yes,
ii) what job position is undertaking this task?
iii) by what system?

2) Once hydraulic fracturing has commenced:
i) please provide a document/ correspondence or link explaining the HSE regulatory position regarding the role of the
• And/ or the Independent Well examiner
in checking the well integrity.
ii) is there a requirement for HSE/ independent Well examiner to make a site visit? If so, please state the date(s) of the visit(s) to Preston New Road by HSE and/ or the Independent Well examiner.
iii) Please confirm if a desktop examination of data sent by the operator to HSE is adequate to examine well integrity.

3) Please answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to this question.
Is there a requirement to run a Cement Bond Log Test for EVERY time the Seismic activity is measured at or above 0.5ML?

4) Is there a requirement for HSE/ independent Well examiner to make a site visit after seismic events at or greater than 0.5ML? If so, please state the dates of these visits to Preston New Road by HSE and/ or the Independent Well examiner.

5) Which of the following methods are permissible to satisfy the HSE that well integrity has been checked? Please state 'yes' or 'no' for EACH of the following procedures, and if any require additional measurements to be undertaken:
• Checking the annular pressure at the surface
• Pressurising the well with liquid nitrogen and checking for loss
• Running a Cement Bond Log
• As is stated in
if a ‘vibration monitoring array’ be utilized to assess the impact.

6) I refer to the following document available at p23
i) Please state if HSE require the operator to provide them with Well Integrity testing after any seismic events occurring during pumping which have occurred within the 'amber zone' 0.0Ml- 0.5ML;
ii) Please state if HSE require the operator to provide them with Well Integrity Testing after any seismic events occurring during 'trailing events' where seismic activity 0.5ML:
‘A trailing event with magnitude >0.5 ML will require a well integrity check be performed and reported in the same manner as those events detected while pumping is taking place’.

Well Integrity Testing at Preston New Road
7) Please confirm who is checking the well integrity onsite?
Is it Cuadrilla, or their contractor (eg Schlumberger ), or another agency?

8) Please state 'yes' or 'no' if the well integrity was checked after each of the seismic events measured at or above 0.5ML during pumping:
• 0.48 ML on Wednesday 24th October
• 0.8 ML on Friday 26th October
• 0.8 ML on Saturday 27th October (deemed a trailing event by Cuadrilla)
and 1.1 ML on Monday 29th October
and provide the time of the testing along with a copy of each report.

9) Please provide a copy of all written communications from Cuadrilla to HSE from 22nd October 2018- 29th October 2018, to include a copy of all daily reports/ other reports made to HSE.

As each of these questions is numbered, I would be grateful if you could respond to each of these questions, utilising the same numbers for ease of reading.

I understand that all the documents I have requested are documents that relate to either your regulatory position, or documents that the operator should have provided you with at the time you receive this, as per their duties.
Should the operator have failed to do this completely, please advise me of this rather than delay the whole request; I am happy to accept any documents as additional responses.

Yours faithfully,

Helen Chuntso

Health and Safety Executive

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Dear Helen


Environmental Information Request Reference No: 201810442


Thank you for your request for information about:


Seismic activity at Preston New Road and well integrity – tests and
reporting in October 2018


Your request was received on 29 October 2018 and I am dealing with it in
accordance with the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Under the
terms of the Regulations you are entitled to a response within 20 working
days of receipt.


If for any reason we are unable to meet this deadline we will keep you
fully informed of the reasons for this and will tell you when you can
expect a response.


Guidance on how the Health and Safety Executive deals with requests under
the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations
can be found on the HSE website at [1]


If you have any queries about this letter, please contact me. Please
remember to quote the reference number above in any future communications.


Yours sincerely





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Health and Safety Executive

Dear Helen


Environmental Information Regulations Request Reference No: 201810442


Further to your request for information under the Environmental
Information Regulations, which was received on 30 October 2018 by the
Health and Safety Executive (HSE), I am writing to let you know that the
time limit for response needs to be extended.


Although the Regulations normally require us to send a response within 20
working days, it is sometimes necessary to extend this limit in certain


In this case we will need to extend the response deadline by a further 20
working days because of the complexity of your request and the need to
consider the public interest


I hope to let you have a response by 24 December and I would like to
apologise for any inconvenience this delay may cause. In the meantime, if
you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the
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Yours sincerely




Dave Salmon / OSDR Competent Authority Office / 

Energy Division ED7.1

Health & Safety Executive, Lord Cullen House, Fraser Place, Aberdeen, AB25



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