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Thomas made this Freedom of Information request to North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Dear North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner,

Can you please confirm if you currently use or plan to use any of the
following software:

1. SAP Business Integrity Screening

2. SAP Access Control

3. SAP Process Control

4. SAP Audit Management

5. Identity Access Management


7. SAP Risk Management

8. SAP Global Trade Services

In the event that you currently use any of the aforementioned software:

Do you have a support contract with an external provider for SAP Support?

If you employ any of the aforementioned software or have a support
contract what is the renewal date?

What ERP system do you use?

Where is your SAP infrastructure located and in what format?

When is the contract for third party support of your SAP infrastructure
due for renewal?

Do you manage SAP Security, SAP Role Authorisations and SAP Role Designs
internally or through an external provider?

If SAP Security, SAP Role Authorisations and SAP Role Designs is managed
through an external provider, what is the renewal date?

Which organisational department is responsible for managing overall SAP
Security, Role Authorisations and Role Design?

When is your next internal and external audit covering SAP roles and

Where do you advertise any SAP related procurement opportunities?

Yours faithfully,


Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner

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Dear Sir

Please find our response attached.

Thank you.

Swyddfa Comisiynydd Heddlu a Throsedd / Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
Pencadlys / Headquarters
Glan y Don
Bae Colwyn / Colwyn Bay LL29 8AW
E-Bost/E-Mail: [North Wales PCC request email]

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