Section 22 Care Act 2014 Limit of Local Authority Care & Continuing Healthcare (CHC)

John Petters made this Freedom of Information request to Essex County Council

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Dear Essex County Council,

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The law is clear, as set out in Section 22 of the Care Act 2014 and in the Statutory guidance,
" 17.60 Section 22 of the Care Act sets out the limits on what a local authority may provide by way of healthcare and so, in effect, sets the boundary between the responsibilities of local authorities for the provision of care and support, and those of the NHS for the provision of health care. In order to support joint working, it is important that all partners involved are clear about their own responsibilities, and how this sits together.

Please supply all documents relating to section 22 as to boundary between the responsibilities of local authorities for the provision of care and support, and those of the NHS for the provision of health care.

This includes any guidance or policy documents issued to social workers, other staff or elected councillors.

Yours faithfully,

John Petters

Your Right To Know, Essex County Council

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Your Right To Know, Essex County Council

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