Joanna Iatridou

Dear Ministry of Defence,
Please pass this FOI to the right department. MoD has the use of DEWs Directed Energy Weapons from the 80s. The shots, injuries, torture from these weapons which are non-ionising radiation that sticks to organs like lungs,knees joints, skull,kidneys,spine etc can be located and measured only by computational dosimetry according to the NRPB , National Radiological Protection Board. Where did you arrange that targets can get measured so as the MoD, the HSE ,the HPA,the NRPB,the NHS, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Mental Welfare Commission will not be liable for prosecution under Section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988

Section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 makes torture an offence anywhere in the world. The offence may either be committed by a public official or someone acting in an official capacity, or by someone else acting at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or someone acting in an official capacity. It follows that aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring torture anywhere in the world or conspiring to do so are also offences under British law.

I am aware of 100 approx targets of DEWs and none of them got access to computational dosimetry, calling them mentally ill is aiding abetting torture as factually computers only locate/measure non-ionising radiation on organs, not GPs or psychiatrists. So, legally, unless you publish what other proof you got that DEWs targets could get measured, free access since Greenham Common Peace protests, 84-85 the first complaints for DEWs attacks, you and the other agencies mentioned are prosecutable for aiding abetting torture. Getting hit with non-ionising radiation is no mental illness, this radiation attack can be detected by computer only. Any other legal defence documentation for MoD and the other Agencies? Thanks

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Iatridou

DST-Strategy SEC 1 (John, Richard), Ministry of Defence

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