Secondary schools places, waiting list

Currently waiting for a response from Kent County Council, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Kent County Council,
Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, please supply the following:

1. A list of secondary schools in Sittingbourne and whether they were oversubscribed or not-oversubscribed on national offer day 2020 (1st March).
We define a school to be oversubscribed if, and only if, at least one on-time applicant was refused a place and the applicant did not receive an offer from any higher preference school.
If there were no refusals to on-time applicants - even if the school was unable to accept one or more late applications, or admitted over its published admission number - then we do not consider this school to be oversubscribed. And if there is a different definition of oversubscribed, then please explain in the response.
2. The total number of places been offered and how mane children are on waiting list.
3 The number of applicants refused a place who did not receive a place at any higher preference school.
4. The number of late admission applicants offered and refused places.

If any of these dates differ - please align to the relevant secondary offer/deadline dates for your local authority.
• Secondary National Offer Day - 2st March 2020
• Applications – submitted before October 31st 2019
• Late applications – submitted after October 31st 2019

Yours faithfully,

E Wills


Information request
Our reference: 13779733

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