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Screening and Treatment of Iron Deficiency anaemia

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Dear Airedale NHS Foundation Trust,

I would like to request information regarding the screening and treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in patients listed for major elective blood loss surgery.

In the last 12 months available data, how many patients listed for major elective blood loss surgery were screened 6 weeks prior to the procedure for iron deficiency anaemia? How many patients were not?

Of the patients who were screened and anaemia was present had serum ferritin levels tested?

Of those patients diagnosed with iron-deficiency anaemia, how many were offered appropriate iron treatment?

Below are the OPCS codes to be considered when reviewing major elective blood loss surgery:
K453 W373 M022
K262 W383 L294
K255 W384 L601
H072 W374 L593
H333 Q074 L194
H071 Q075 L295
H336 W403 W371
H073 W402 W381
H074 M025 W941
M341 M021 W401
M343 M039

If at all possible, could you provide a break down for each answer by what CCG the patients came from?

Yours faithfully,



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Dear Mr Holdsworth


Further to your application to access information under the Freedom of
Information Act (ANHSFT REF. 4798) please find our response below.  
Please accept my apologies for our late reply. We haven’t been able to
provide the information you requested but I have included the comments
from our Coding Team below by way of explanation.  I have also contacted
our Information Team but they had no further recorded information to add.


We can identify iron deficiency patients as they will have a code starting
D50 in their diagnostic record  however we can't identify the screening or
treatment for the ID Anaemia using our codes.   Patients are mostly
treated with medication, maybe some will have a transfusion (procedure
code starting X33).  However the blood loss / anaemia  is often seen as
part and parcel of having the procedure so is not often coded. We are not
able to report on serum ferritin levels tested.


We trust you find our response helpful.  If you feel we are not complying
with our publication scheme, you feel your request has not been properly
handled, or you are dissatisfied, you can write within 40 working days to
Brendan Brown, Chief Executive at the address below to request a review. 
You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner under
section 50 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 if you are dissatisfied
with the outcome of that review.


Unless identified as another party's copyright, you may use and re-use the
information we have provided (not including logos or photographs), free of
charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government
Licence which can be viewed via the link below.



Yours sincerely


Deborah Cocker


Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, Steeton, KEIGHLEY, BD20 6TD

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are BEN HOLDSWORTH please sign in and let everyone know.