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Dear West College Scotland,

Per the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 please supply me with the following information in electronic format:

1. How many directly employed support staff are currently outwith the scope of the NRPA. Specifically, how many support staff, how many lecturing staff and how many other staff including senior staff are not included in the national bargaining arrangements for the college sector?

2. How does the College determine which staff are outwith the scope of the NRPA? If there is a procedure or any supporting/explanatory documentation (e.g. board papers), please attach a copy.

3. How many staff have come out of scope in the last year? Who made the decision to remove these roles from scope. Again, please provide copies of any supporting documentation.

4. If any staff outwith scope received pay rises in the last year, who made the decision to award these? Please provide a copy of any supporting documentation.

5. Please list the roles and FTE (full-time equivalent) numbers for posts outwith the scope of the NRPA.

6. What was the total annual cost of these pay rises for the staffing group outwith the NRPA over the past year?

Please acknowledge receipt of this information request and I shall look forward to receiving your full disclosure within 20 working days.

Yours faithfully,

John Gallacher

FOI, West College Scotland

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Hi John,
Please find enclosed West College Scotland's response to your recent FOISA request.
Kind regards

Karen Combe HR Manager
T +44(0)141 581 2228

Paisley Campus
Renfrew Road
Paisley PA3 4DR
T +44(0)300 600 6060

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