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Andy Smith made this Freedom of Information request to Bromley Borough Council as part of a batch sent to 147 authorities

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The request was refused by Bromley Borough Council.

Dear Bromley Borough Council,

I would like to know how much each primary, secondary and SEND school in the LEA (of which data is held) has spent on Supply Teaching or Teaching Assistant cover with external companies, and how much has beent spent with each of those companies per school, ideally. If this information is not available, then just a total spend by school.

I would like this data from the 1st September 2020 - 1st July 2021. However, if it is easier to run the information for the year then I can wait until the academic year finishes and you can send that over.

Yours faithfully,

Andy Smith

CYP Freedom of Information, Bromley Borough Council

Dear Requester

This is to confirm your FOI was logged today, (copy below).

This email is to acknowledge your request for information (when corresponding the above reference will be used).

We will respond to you as soon as feedback has been obtained, which we hope will be within 20 working days. However, should there be any delays due to resource limitations resulting from COVID we will naturally keep you informed.

Kind regards

FOI Team
Customer Engagement & Complaints
Strategy, Performance and Corporate Transformation Division London Borough of Bromley


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CYP Freedom of Information, Bromley Borough Council

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Dear Requester

Further to your recent FOI enquiry, having completed my enquiries, please refer to the below response (and attachment).


Response: LBB do not hold this information, it will all be held by the schools (we have attached a link to aid you progressing your enquiry).


We trust this completes your FOI enquiry, which has now been closed.

Thank you for your request.


FOI Co-ordinator
Strategy, Performance & Corporate Transformation Division
London Borough of Bromley


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