Schools opting out of HPV vaccination programme and subsequent procedure

Michelle made this Freedom of Information request to South East Essex Primary Care Trust (PCT)

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

South East Essex Primary Care Trust (PCT) did not have the information requested.

Dear South East Essex Primary Care Trust (PCT),

Under the Freedom of Information Act, would you be so kind as to answer the below questions. Any responses should cover the time period from the initiation of the national HPV vaccination scheme to present.

1) Do all girls aged 12 -13 get offered the HPV vaccine at school?
2) a) for girls accepting, do their GPs get notified of their vaccination?
b) for girls offered but not accepting the vaccine, do their GPs get notified of their non-vaccination?

If the answer to 1) is not a complete yes:

3)a) Have any schools in the area refused to allow clinicians to administer the HPV vaccine? b) If so, which?
c) If the answer to 3a) is yes, what are the reasons provided for this?
d) What is the policy/process for alternative arrangements for any schools that have opted out?
e) Please provide a copy of the official notifications, or record of that notification

4a) Have any schools in the area opted out of the HPV vaccine catch up programme at any point?
4b) If the answer to 4a) is yes, which?

Yours faithfully,

Michelle Brook

Lawn Janet (5PY) South West Essex,

Dear Michelle Brook

In reply to your FOI request of 23 October, I must confirm that we do not hold this information at NHS South Essex. This will be held by the health visiting/school nursing providers who will be able to help you.

We suggest that you contact either NELFT (North East London Foundation Trust) for South West Essex information or
SEPT (South Essex Partnership Trust) for South East Essex.

Their contact details are:

[email address]
[email address]

We thank you for your enquiry and hope this meets your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Kind regards

Janet Lawn | Customer Services Team Leader & FOI Lead | NHS South West Essex | Phoenix Place | Christopher Martin Road, Basildon, Essex, SS14 3HG    Tel: 01268 245770  Fax: 01268 705005   Email: [email address] (secure) or [email address].uk     

PLEASE NOTE: As at Spring 2012 - South West Essex PCT & South East Essex PCT merged to form NHS South Essex.

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