Schools opting out of HPV vaccination programme and subsequent procedure

The request was successful.

Dear Wye Valley NHS Trust,

I am looking for some information under the Freedom of Information
Act, and Herefordshire Primary Care Trust recommended that I
should contact you. (Ref:

Under the Freedom of Information Act, would you be so kind as to
answer the below questions. Any responses should cover the time
period from the initiation of the national HPV vaccination scheme
to present. I am specifically looking for information regarding the
geographical area covered by Hereford Primary
Care Trust.

1) Do all girls aged 12 -13 get offered the HPV vaccine at school?
2) a) for girls accepting, do their GPs get notified of their
b) for girls offered but not accepting the vaccine, do their GPs
get notified of their non-vaccination?

3)a) Have any schools in the area refused to allow either
clinicians or school nurses to administer the HPV vaccine?
b) If so, which?
c) If the answer to 3a) is yes, what are the reasons provided for
d) What is the policy/process for alternative arrangements for any
schools that have opted out?
e) Please provide a copy of the official notifications, or record
of that notification

4a) Have any schools in the area opted out of the HPV vaccine catch
up programme at any point?
4b) If the answer to 4a) is yes, which?

Yours faithfully,

Michelle Brook

Clark, Susan, Wye Valley NHS Trust

Trust Headquarters
County Hospital
Union Walk
Tel: 01432 364000
Fax: 01432 365410

Email: [email address]

22nd November 2012

Dear Madam


Your request for information has been considered and I am directed to inform you that:
1) All girls are offered the HPV vaccine within school
2)a) GPs are not routinely notified, all girls are supplied with a card on which the dates and batch number are entered and informed that they need to keep this and next time they visit their GPs to inform the practice.
b) GPs are not informed of non-acceptance of vaccination
3a) one school has refused
b) The Steiner Academy
c)The school states that it is not their policy to offer children immunisation
within the school
d) Clinics are set up at regular intervals across the county for people who have missed an immunisation in school or who do not wish to have in school
e) Wye Valley use the cards supplied free of charge by the manufacturers of the vaccine available on their websites (Cervarix until Sep[t 2012 and then Gardasil as per DH)
4a/b) Only the School mentioned above has opted out of the catch up campaign.
If you have any queries or concerns then please contact me, contact details are given at the top of the letter.

Further information is also available from the Information Commissioner at:

Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF

Telephone: 01625 545 745

Yours faithfully
S. Clark

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