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Lisa Blakeman made this Freedom of Information request to Caerphilly County Borough Council

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was partially successful.

Dear Caerphilly Council,

I would like to Know the amounts paid by each school in Caerphilly to agencies in relation to temporary teacher and classroom
support staff cover.The information I require for each school is:
The School Name;Supplier name and total amount paid.I would like the information to
cover the year 2010/11.

Yours faithfully,

Lisa Blakeman

WWW: FOI, Caerphilly County Borough Council

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Dear Ms. Blakeman,




Thank you for your request for information, which we received on 11^th
January 2012. This e-mail is intended to acknowledge your request, and we
will respond to your request in a separate e-mail.


Most information requests are dealt with under the Freedom of Information
Act 2000.  However environmental information is considered for disclosure
under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.  If the information
you have requested is personal information about yourself, we must
consider disclosure under the Data Protection Act 1998.  If this is the
case we will provide you with a subject access request form for completion
and notify you of relevant timescales and fees.


We will transfer the request to the correct legislation automatically, as
required by the Freedom of Information Act.  For further information on
how we will deal with your request, please see the table below.


If you have any queries or concerns then please contact us.


Yours sincerely,


Beverley Griffiths

Information Officer


  Freedom of Information Act 2000 &

Environmental Information Regulations 2004


We will consider the following points in dealing with your request for


|Timescales for |We will consider your request and you should |
|responding to you |receive the information within the statutory |
| |timescale of 20 working days, unless the |
| |information is not held or is exempt from |
| |disclosure. Both the Freedom of Information Act |
| |and the Environmental Information Regulations |
| |allow this timescale to be extended in certain |
| |circumstances.  If your request is affected by a |
| |timescale extension we will explain this to you. |
|Third Party |If the information you request contains reference |
|Information |to a third party they may be consulted prior to a |
| |decision being taken on whether we disclose the |
| |information to you.  We will tell you if this is |
| |the case. |
|Format of Information|We will try to respond in the format that you have|
|provided |requested.  If this is not possible we will let |
| |you know.  If you require alternative formats, |
| |e.g. language, audio, braille, large print, etc. |
| |then please let us know. |
|Exemptions |The Freedom of Information Act and the |
| |Environmental Information Regulations 2004 define |
| |a number of exemptions, which may prevent release |
| |of the information you have requested.  Before we |
| |provide the information we will consider whether |
| |it is proper to release it.  If any of the |
| |exemption categories do apply then the information|
| |will not be released.  We will tell you if this is|
| |the case, and you will have a right of appeal. |
|Fees |You may have to pay a fee for this information |
| |under the Freedom of Information and Data |
| |Protection (Appropriate Limits and Fees |
| |Regulations) 2004.  We will consider this and let |
| |you know.  If so you will have to pay the fee |
| |before we process and release the information.  |
| |The 20 working day time limit for responding will |
| |not resume until we receive your payment. |
|You have the right to|If you wish to |If you are unhappy with that |
|appeal against our |appeal please set |decision you have the right to|
|decision. |out in writing your|appeal to: |
| |grounds of appeal | |
|  |and send to: |Information Commissioner's |
| | |Office - Wales, |
|Freedom of |Information Unit | |
|Information Act 2000 |Caerphilly county |2nd Floor, |
|/ Environmental |borough council, | |
|Information |Penallta House, |Churchill House, |
|Regulations 2004 |Tredomen Park, | |
| |Ystrad Mynach, |Churchill Way, |
| |Hengoed. CF82 7PG | |
| | |Cardiff. CF10 2HH |
| |Appeals will be | |
| |determined by Mr. |  |
| |Dan Perkins – Head | |
| |of Legal Services &|Website: [1] |
| |Monitoring Officer | |
| | |Telephone: 029 2067 8400 |
| | | |
| | |Email: |
| | |[2][email address] |
| | | |
| | |  |



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WWW: FOI, Caerphilly County Borough Council

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Dear Ms. Blakeman,




Thank you for your request for information received on the 11^th January


We have considered your request and enclose an Excel spreadsheet
containing the information we are able to provide.  However, the accuracy
of the information provided is dependant on individual schools using the
correct financial codes when processing payments.


Schools are separate entities from Caerphilly county borough council
(CCBC) for the purpose of the Freedom of Information Act. The information
for the schools listed below is not held by CCBC, however, the information
may be available from the individual schools direct, and below is a link
to our website where contact details can be found:


Bedwas High School

Cwmcarn High School

Heolddu Comprehensive

Oakdale Comprehensive

St Martins Comprehensive

YGG Cwm Rhymni




On this occasion we cannot supply all the information you have asked for.
In respect of the payments made to an individual, and in accordance with
Section 17 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 this letter acts as a
Refusal Notice.   The exemption applied is S.40(2)  - Personal
Information.  For further details on why this exemption applies please see
the attached document.


We supply this information based on your original request.  If this is not
what you wanted or if you feel we have not fully understood your request
please do not hesitate to contact me to clarify your exact requirements.


If you have any queries or concerns or are in any way dissatisfied with
the handling of your request please contact us.


Yours sincerely,


Beverley Griffiths

Information Officer


Freedom of Information Act 2000 / Environmental Information Regulations


You have the right to appeal against our decision.
If you wish to appeal please If you are unhappy with that decision you
set out in writing your grounds have the right to appeal to:
of appeal and send to:
Information Unit
Information Commissioner's Office - Wales,
Caerphilly county borough
council, 2nd Floor,

Penallta House, Churchill House,

Tredomen Park, Churchill Way,

Ystrad Mynach, Cardiff. CF10 2HH

Hengoed. CF82 7PG  

  Website: [2]

Appeals will be determined by Telephone: 029 2067 8400
Mr. Dan Perkins – Head of Legal
Services & Monitoring Officer Email: [3][email address]



Re-use of information without permission may infringe the Copyright,
Designs and Patents Act 1988. Re-use can include, but is not limited to,
making multiple copies, publishing and issuing copies of the information
to a wider audience. If you would like to re-use copyright material owned
by Caerphilly County Borough Council, please contact us. Authorisation to
re-use copyright material not owned by this Authority should be sought
directly from the copyright owner.



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