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School uniform supplier details

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Dear The Arthur Terry School,

Under the FOI Act I would like to request the following information regarding the contract with your supplier(s) of sports uniform/kit:

1) How many suppliers do you have a contract with?
2) How was the contract awarded e.g. open competition, direct award? Was the local authority involved in the tender of this contract?
3) Date the contract was awarded?
4) Date the contract will expire?
5) What competitors, if any, were considered?
6) What criteria was used to select the supplier?
7) Does the school profit from the contract, e.g. as a result of uniform sales? If yes, what remuneration is received?
8) If the school has not entered into a contract with the supplier(s), what is the nature of the agreement in place?
9) Does the contract contain any clauses relating to the cost or affordability of items?
10) Please provide a copy of the contract with commercially sensitive details redacted.
Please note that redaction costs cannot be counted towards any cost limits under the FOI Act.
Please also note that for information to be withheld under Section 43 (commercial sensitivity), the following must be provided:
Details of the exact FOIA exemption – either 43.1 Trade Secrets or 43.2 Commercial Interests
Details of who would be prejudiced
A “Public Interest Test” where the arguments for and against release of the information should be discussed (as this is a “qualified” exemption).
If release of the information could prejudice a third party, they should be consulted with (see FOIA Section 45 Code of Practice Part IV)
Please also note that contracts drawn up since 2005 are supposed to include provisions requiring organisations to comply with the FOI Act.

Yours faithfully,

Steph Ademolu

Lisa Smith, The Arthur Terry School

Good Afternoon

Please see below the response to your Freedom of Information Request:

1) Two

2) Crested School Wear agreed to supply without requirement of a formal contract. Our previous contract with Clive Mark has expired, we are currently renegotiating.

3) Clive Mark have been our uniform supplier for many years. Contract currently under renegotiation
Crested School Wear have been supplying our uniform since the start of 2022.
The LA was not involved.

4) N/A

5) Considered providers based on locality of stores and on-line purchasing facility.

6) As above.

7) No. Both our providers offer help with clothing for disadvantaged students. Clive Mark also offer some free team sports kit and staff attire for practical subjects such as PE and Drama.

8) No formal agreement with Crested School Wear. In the process of renegotiating a contract with Clive Mark.

9) N/A

10) N/A

Kind regards

Lisa Smith
Admissions Coordinator

The Arthur Terry School (A National Teaching School)
The Arthur Terry Learning Partnership
Kittoe Road | Sutton Coldfield | B74 4RZ

 (Internal): 2128
 (External): 0121 323 1150
[email address]
My working hours are Tuesday to Friday 8.30am-4pm
Please allow 48 hours for emails to be actioned, thank you.

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Steph Ademolu please sign in and let everyone know.