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Dear Bishop Vesey's Grammar School,

Under the Freedom of Information Act, please could I be provided with a copy of the school's master timetable? I do not expect staff members to be named for confidentiality, giving them numbers "Teacher 1", "Teacher 2" etc would be fine, but please could I ask that a list of subject codes that appear on the timetable be included as a separate document e.g. Sci = Science Mat = Maths etc.

Yours faithfully,

Mr S Cundick

G Swindells, Bishop Vesey's Grammar School

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Dear Simon

Thank you for your Freedom of Information Request detailed below.

Please find attached our master timetable and the key for subject labelling as requested.

Many Thanks

Graham Swindells
Finance and Operations Director
Bishop Vesey's Grammar School
0121 250 5400 ext:234


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