School spend data required 2008-9 & 2009-10

D Boucher made this Freedom of Information request to Islington Borough Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Islington Borough Council,

I would like to make a request under the freedom of information act
to obtain the amounts spent by each school on supply teachers, indirect employee expenses and supply teacher insurance
within the authority.

I would hope to receive the information provided to you under the
"Consistent Financial Reporting Regulations 2003"
I've provided a link for your reference.

The Regulations require schools to provide the authority with a
financial summary each year of all expenditure. The details I would
like to obtain are those under the CFR headings E02 (Supply
Teachers), E08 (Indirect employee expenses), E10 Supply Teacher Insurance and E26 (Agency Supply Staff).

Ideally could you provide the response in an excel spreadsheet,
grouped by phase of educations (i.e. Primary, Secondary and SEN)
and detailing the amounts for each school for the tax years ending
2009 & 2010.


E02/ E08/ E10/ E26
£x £x £x £x

E02/ E08/ E10/ E26
£x £x £x £x

I note that in previous requests made to the authority you have
responded with a link to the CFR benchmarking website.
Unfortunately it is not possible to extract or search for this data
unless you have a log in as a local authority. So please could you
respond with a set of data in an excel format. Many thanks

I will look forward to receiving your response in due course.

Yours faithfully,

D Boucher

FOIA, Islington Borough Council

Thank your for your email. If your email concerns a Freedom of Information
request to Islington Council, your email has been received and will be
processed shortly.

Kind regards,

The Information Governance team
Technology Solutions Group
Islington Council
60 Highbury New Park, N5 2DJ

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Dinley, Anneliese, Islington Borough Council

Thank you for your Freedom of Information Act request, received on 30th
September 2010. Your request has been processed, and your unique
reference number is 358460. Please make note of this reference number
should you need to contact us about your request.

Our team has sent your request to the appropriate service area within
Islington Council, and an officer from that team will respond directly
to your request.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at
[Islington Borough Council request email].

Information Governance Team
Corporate Resources
London Borough of Islington
60 Highbury New Park, N5 2DJ

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Witham, Ken, Islington Borough Council

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Dear Mr/Ms.Boucher,

Further to your recent enquiry made under the provisions of the Freedom of
Information Act, I am pleased to attach our response.

With best regards

Ken Witham

Senior Officer: Policy, Communications & Organisational Development

Cambridge Education @ Islington

222 Upper Street


N1 1XR

t: 020 7527 5545

e: [1][email address]

w: [2]

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