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Dear King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys,

I'm writing to request electronic copies of all school policies and rules, by which the school are currently operating by. They should be in their most recent and up-to-date form. These policies may be in relation to staff, pupils and/or parents. Documents may include, but are not limited to, the school's:
- Code of Conduct/Behaviour Policy
- Sanctions and Disciplinary Procedures
- Mobile Phone (or general electronic devices) Policy
- "Prohibited" or "Banned" Items List

Where possible the documents should be in a PDF format and, if feasible, electronically/digitally signed. Finally, any policies, agreements, etc. that the school are bounding pupils by should contain information on when each individual document was approved and, where records allow, by whom.

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Yours faithfully,
TechyByte Logistics and Legal

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