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Lizzy Oxendale made this Freedom of Information request to Turves Green Boys' School, Birmingham

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Dear Turves Green Boys' School, Birmingham,

Under the FOI Act I would like to request the following information regarding sanctions and other punishment (e.g. detention, isolation, withdrawal of privileges, expulsion, exclusion) issued by the school in relation to uniform.

1) Please provide a breakdown, for each of the last five academic years, including the current academic year, of all punishments issued for misconduct relating to uniform (e.g. wearing wrong uniform, not wearing uniform, wearing forbidden items, etc). For each incident please provide:
- The nature of the punishment
- The nature of the misconduct
- Whether it related to school uniform or sports kit or another aspect of uniform policy

If you are unable to provide a breakdown of each incident, please provide summary totals for each academic year with the same breakdown.
If you are unable to provide annual totals, please provide details of the system used to track student behaviour and how that is monitored by staff, e.g. how they are able to identify those students who have been sanctioned most often.

Yours faithfully,

Lizzy Oxendale

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