Dear Insolvency Service,

further to the topic of the bankruptcy & liquidation of organised crime scam Phorm UK Inc/PhluidMedia, I note the sale by auction of the internet DNS domain (an asset of Phorm).

Please could you disclose to me;-
1) Confirm or deny Mr. Hannon of the PIU was made aware of, and authorised the execution of this transaction in the course of liquidation?
2) Confirm or deny that you regard the transaction as being lawful in the context of the High Court Winding Up Order against Phorm UK Inc/PhluidMedia?
3) Confirm or deny that you have seized the entire proceeds of this sale? ($6.1K)
4) Confirm or deny that Phorm UK Inc/PhluidMedia remain subject to a High Court Winding Up Order dated 5 September 2016, and Mr Hannon of the PIU remains the appointed receiver/liquidator

" closed at $6,100 on GoDaddy auctions, the domain was registered in 1995, owned by a company called Phorm, the domain pointed which no longer appears to be in business."

I would be most grateful if you would add the details of this winding up/liquidation case to your web site listing current cases, here;

many thanks
Yours faithfully,
P. John

FOI, Insolvency Service

Dear Sir,

I acknowledge receipt of your FOI request below.

You request will be forwarded to the appropriate section who will reply to you direct.



FOI/DPA | Senior Official Receiver’s Office | The Insolvency Service | 3rd Floor Cannon House, 18 Priory Queensway, Birmingham B4 6FD | DX 713901 Birmingham 37 DX | Tel: 0121 3803452/07814599865 |

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Anthony.Campbell, Insolvency Service

Dear Mr John,

Thank you for your e-mail of 8 February.

The Official Receiver was unaware of any asset belonging to the company in the form of a website called Are you able to provide any information to suggest that this was owned by the above named company and therefore falls under the insolvent estate?

In answer to your questions:

1) The Official Receiver was not aware of this transaction.
2) If the assets belongs to the insolvent company then it should not have been sold without consultation with the Official Receiver
3) The Official Receiver has not received funds from the transaction.
4) Phluidmedia Inc. remains in Liquidation and Mr Hannon is the Liquidator at present.


Anthony Campbell | Insolvency Examiner | The Insolvency Service – Delivering economic confidence
[email address] | 4 Abbey Orchard Street, London, SW1P 2HT | 020 7637 6553 | @InsolvencyGovUK |
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Leigh Park Initiative left an annotation ()

Interesting that six months AFTer the winding up order on PhluidMedia, the entry for the UK establishment on the Companies House has no record of it, and the company is shown as ACTIVE.
Anyone know why?

Dear Mr .Campbell,

many thanks, I will be in contact with Mr Hannon shortly.

Yours sincerely,
P. John

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