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Dear Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College,

I am led to believe the college are considering the sale of the Hibbert Lane site, to either residential or to commercial developers, for a total sum possibly reaching £12m.

In order to gain an understanding of the ramifications of this, I would be most grateful if you could answer the questions below, requested via the Freedom Of Information Act.

1. The lack of funding appears to be a consequence of the withdrawal of LSC funding. The college made an (unsuccessful) application for funding to help with site development, could you please provide a copy of this request ? As so much time has elapsed since this was submitted, I am confident this is not subject to any commercial confidences.

2. Should the residential or commercial development result in a sudden input of funds to the college, what plans to the college have with regard to these monies? Use them for the plans originally submitted to the LSC (see question [1] above), or use them to develop a particular existing college site, or to use them to develop a site made newly available to the college (perhaps an existing but unused school site), or if for something else, then what ?

3. A number of covenant rules exist for the Hibbert Lane site, and these have been well documented. What covenents exist for the Buxton Lane and Cheadle campus sites?

I should be most grateful for an answer to these queries.

Yours faithfully,

Georgi Hanning

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Cheadle & Marple Sixth Form College

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Andrew Hubert, Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College

1- With regard to the application to the LSC for funding the application itself contains roughly 1000 pages and is made up of various elements. Is there a specific part you wish to see
2- If the College does sell Hibbert Lane any monies generated will be spent on the Buxton Lane campus
3- The College does not retain this information as it is with the Colleges solicitors. They could do a report and identify any covenants but the fee for this would have to be paid for by yourself.

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Jenny Higginbotham, Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College

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Dear Ms Hanning


Thank you for your interest in developments at Marple Sixth Form College. 
When you contacted us last year, we promised to inform you as soon as the
College governors had made firm decisions about the property plans.


I am very pleased to be able to forward these to you for your
consideration and comment.


Yours sincerely


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Christina Cassidy (Mrs)







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