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The request was successful.

Dear Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College,

Dear The Sixth Form College, Colchester,

Please can you furnish me with the following information for every
academic year from 2003-4 to 2010-11, with projections for 2011-12.

(i) The Principal's salary
(ii) Total salary for the Senior Management Team
(iii) Total salary for the Senior Management Team as a percentage of total income.
(iv) Total expenditure on private health insurance by the college.

Yours faithfully,

Darcus Owusu

Stuart Hargrove, Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College

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Dear Mr Owusu

Please find attached details as per your Freedom of Information request dated 20/02/2011. It may be helpful to note that for all years provided, the Senior Management team consisted of 7 members including the Principal.

Please note that salary information for current and future years (i.e. 2010/11 and 2011/12) will be available at the usual date of publication which in the case of this College is December following the financial year end at 31st July. The information requested for these future years will be publicly available in the College's financial statements, published post financial year end audit and following sign-off by the College's Corporation. The financial statements to 31st July 2011 will therefore be published in December 2011.

Stuart Hargrove
Assistant Principal (Finance and Information)
Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College
Vane Terrace
County Durham

Tel: 01325 461315
Fax: 01325 361705
Email: [email address]

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