Safety/Health Risks/Implications of 5G Technology in Wales

Christopher Rees made this Freedom of Information request to Public Health Wales

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Christopher Rees

Dear Public Health Wales

My request is with regard to the proposed 'rollout' of the next generation of 5G microwave wireless technology, and the likely impact/effects on the welsh population in terms of health implications.

I have recently made a request to my local authority, namely Pembrokeshire council, who, i am disappointed to say, claim to have no information on this matter!, which based on the scale of this enterprise is frankly astonishing!. They have suggested that i address my concerns to yourselves?. Hence, my questions to you are as follows....

What studies/research (if any) have/will be undertaken, to determine the risks/implications to both human health, and indeed, the environment as a whole, prior to any rollout of this (highly controversial) technology?. This, i understand is a 'Class 1 Radiation,' with a 24-90 Gigahertz frequency, as opposed to the 1-5Gigahertz currently used by 2/3/4G technology. Claims would appear to suggest the installation of L.E.D street lights, these with 5G 'arrays' atop, and small 'cell stations' placed perhaps every two to eight homes in urban area's, due to the use of shorter 'millimeter waves' used by the 5G technology. This 'technology' is (i understand) a 'military grade' system, indeed, Brussels, the Belgian capital has recently announced it is not permitting the technology, based on their own research. Somewhat ironic, with the city containing both the European Commission and NATO HQ!.

I appreciate your help/information in this matter, and look forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully

Christopher Rees

General Enquiries (Public Health Wales), Public Health Wales

Dear Mr Rees,

Thank you for contacting Public Health Wales with regards your Freedom of
Information request.


I have forwarded your email on to my colleagues in the Freedom of
Information team. They will be in touch in due course.


Kind regards,
Chris Jones.


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Jane Evans (Public Health Wales - No. 2 Capital Quarter), Public Health Wales

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Dear Mr Rees


Please find attached the response from Public Health Wales.


Best wishes


Jane Evans

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