Safety Camera Unit North: 'Fixed Speed' Camera Offence Data

Martin Cutler made this Freedom of Information request to Police Scotland

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was refused by Police Scotland.

Dear Police Scotland,

Please can you provide 'Fixed Speed' Camera offence data for the following locations within the North Safety Camera Unit for the last 12 months from the latest date available - split into quarterly sections.

For each Fixed Camera please provide the following:

a) Offences Detected
b) COFPNs Issued
c) Total Value of Penalties Issued
d) Reports to PF

1) A90 Aberdeen to Dundee near Cookston Road
2) A90 Aberdeen to Dundee Stonehaven Road near Cairngorm Road
3) A90 Aberdeen to Dundee Portlethen near Hillside
4) A90 Fraserburgh to Aberdeen Philorth near North Lodge
5) A90 Fraserburgh to Peterhead at Lunderton Cottage St Fergus
6) A90 Fraserburgh to Peterhead Lonmay near Caledonian Stone Company
7) A90 Fraserburgh to Peterhead near St Fergus Gas Terminal
8) A90 Fraserburgh to Peterhead Rathen
9) A96 Aberdeen to Inverurie near Corsehill Farm Northbound
10) A96 Auchmill Road near Auchmill Terrace
11) A96 Auchmill Road near Cairnview
12) A96 Auchmill Road near Oldmeldrum Road
13) A96 Great Northern Road at Tanfield Walk Junction
14) A96 Great Northern Road near Number 726
15) A96 Great Northern Road near Queen Street Junction
16) A96 Inverurie Road near Church Lane
17) A96 Inverurie to Aberdeen near Stoneyton Cottages

Yours faithfully,

Martin Cutler

FOI, Dundee, Police Scotland

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Good Morning

Please find attached a response to your recent requests for information.

Kind Regards
Information Disclosure Officer
Police Service of Scotland
West Bell Street

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Dear Police Scotland,

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Police Scotland's refusal and handling of my FOI requests:

IM-FOI-2018-0010, IM-FOI-2018-0011, IM-FOI-2018-0012, IM-FOI-2018-0013, IM-FOI-2018-0014, IM-FOI-2018-0015, IM-FOI-2018-0061, IM-FOI-2018-0062, IM-FOI-2018-0063, IM-FOI-2018-0064, IM-FOI-2018-0065.

Disclosure of this data is in the public interest and would simply show that the safety cameras are working.

The disclosure of this data would not pose a health and safety risk to the public, nor would it cause vandalism of cameras as their locations are publicly available online.

It would not be possible to determine the enforcement regime and guess when a camera will be live by the release and analysis of this data. However if required, I’m prepared to redact the requirement to list quarterly, and I’m happy to receive each camera data as complete 12 month figures.

This data has been released before and rather than compromise operational effectiveness, it highlighted both the use and locations of cameras.

Police Scotland is clear that cameras are there to deter speeding and so highlighting their use and location supports that policy.

Yours faithfully,

Martin Cutler

Sturrock, Claire, Police Scotland

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Dear Mr Cutler,


Please find attached a response to your recent requests for a review of
the above referenced decisions.




Claire Sturrock
Disclosure Manager - North
Information Management
Police Scotland
PO Box 59, West Bell Street, Dundee, DD1 9JU

01382 596657

[1][email address]




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