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Wayne made this Freedom of Information request to South Ribble Borough Council

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The request was partially successful.

Dear South Ribble Borough Council, i request information on all safeguarding matters within the borough on all matters including the enviroment and public saftey. Land contamination, invasive alien wildlife species and measure to eradicate & prevent, human rights in a digital era and safeguarding the humans rights act which applies to all human beings and not entities. I also request of Umbrella corparations trading in the borough along with a list of companies connected with the Umbrella corparation.


Yours faithfully,
Wayne K Dargie

Kevin Conway, South Ribble Borough Council

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Thank you for your Freedom of Information request

Unfortunately I am unable to progress this request as it is too broad and
not specific enough for me to identify and locate the information.

To comply with the legislation, I need to clarify what information you are
requesting exactly

For example, where you say ' all safeguarding matters' and 'all matters
including the environment and public safety' . These are too broad . You
would need to request something like, 'all policies relating to child
welfare' or 'all policies relating to 'road safety'

Could you please provide me with a list of exactly you require so that I
can locate and provide the information

Thanks very much

Kevin Conway
Head of Customer Experience and DPO


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Dear Kevin Conway,
When i ask for all safeguarding system, i mean all implemented procedures in event of any issue that would be said to be a danger to life for example Floods, Water contamination, Cyber crime, War, Famine, Pandemics, Terror attacks, Catastrophic infustructure failure and societal collaspe. What if the council found itself without access to funds, materials, adequate personell in positions of importance to the people it works for in the borough, if communication links with County council and or Goverment. Id like a list of issues like this with actions to be taken in event of these issues. Can i request Caroline from the housing department deal with my case and i suggest if she isnt currently at work within the council you should reinstate her and allow her to take control and sort this situation out, she would team up experienced staff with new staff and work together. Thats not a request either, dont make me force your hand.

Yours sincerely,

Wayne K Dargie (D.A MA.N)

Kevin Conway, South Ribble Borough Council



Thank you for your email. I am currently out of the office and due to
return on 18th October 2021


I will respond to your email on my return.


If its urgent however, please contact Gateway on 01772 625625 or
[South Ribble Borough Council request email]





Kerry Maguire, South Ribble Borough Council

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Dear Wayne,


Here are redacted versions of South Ribble Borough Council’s Emergency
Plan and Business Continuity Plan Policy.


With regards to other such documents that the council maintains are has
access to a panel has been held and the council is withholding this
information for the following reasons:


South Ribble Borough Council Flood Plan, the main detail of the plan is
publicly available online from the Environment Agency.

[1]Prepare for flooding - GOV.UK (

[2]Check for flooding - GOV.UK (


South Ribble Borough Council’s ICT Disaster Recovery Plans has been
withheld under Section 36. We are of the opinion to release this
information has the possibility of negative consequence to  the council,
the sharing of this information creates a corporate risk and may affect
the organisations ability to recover from a disaster. 


The wider emergency plans requested in the FOI do not belong to the
council, they are produced and maintained under the collective of the
Lancashire Resilience Forum (LRF). As the LRF is not an organisation it is
not subject to FOI requests but will consider all requests. The request
will need to be re-directed to the LRF for the wider plans at the
following email address [3][email address]


Thank you,




Kerry Maguire
Senior Risk & Insurance Officer



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