Safeguarding children: Channel and Prevent data sharing

Jen Persson made this Freedom of Information request to Brighton and Hove Safeguarding Children Board
This authority is not subject to FOI law, so is not legally obliged to respond (details).

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

Brighton and Hove Safeguarding Children Board did not have the information requested.

Dear Brighton and Hove Safeguarding Children Board,

I contact you with a Freedom of Information request, as under the FOI Act 2000, to ask for information regards the Channel and Prevent strategy in your area, and any associated multi-agency process for identifying, referring and supporting a person at risk of radicalisation, focusing on early intervention and engagement.

Please can you provide (time periods where applicable, are each per calendar year, since 2010 or as soon as records are available):

1. the total number of individuals (cases) that have been referred, and to where.

a) Identified at risk, of being drawn into terrorism or for other reasons under the programme,
b) Numbers in each available age bracket, including any breakdowns of children by age (ie 0-5, 5-11, 11-14, 14-18.)
c) What was the nature and extent of that risk; (aggregated totals)
d) What support plans were identified (similar types, grouped if possible)
e) Total number and the percentage that came as referrals from under 18 education,
f) Total number of requests with, and without, consent, respectively.

2. Please provide a copy of the information, privacy policy and consent form that individuals (and/or their parent/guardian) receive before giving their consent before any information is shared about them as part of the Channel programme.

3. Please provide the total number of onward contact with that involved information sharing with the following, but not exclusively, to any third party services as a result and list how many case information were shared with which third parties (or *all*):

NHS staff
Social care staff, including Directors of Children’s and Adults’ Services
Schools, further education colleges and universities
Youth Offending Services
Chairs of Local Safeguarding Children Boards and Safeguarding Adults Boards
Local Authority Safeguarding Managers
Home Office Immigration
Border Force

5. Please provide (if possible diagrammatically, and if words only then it should be detailed enough to permit this to be drawn) the data flows that an individual is expected to understand from the point at which they are asked for consent to enter into the programme. This diagram should show where personal data are collected, or onwardly shared to other third parties as part of the programme, and any decision points which determine further data flows. The data collector, processor, and controller roles should be marked until the data destruction.

(Ie: school flags child, Parents contacted by Prevent officer, parents provide consent,
Prevent officer contacts Police Channel Officer, MASH or Channel Panel, Panel reviews, passes on data to XYZ, decision A, action Y, data passed on to V, W, X, action N. 6 month review by XXX individuals / Panel, 18 months after exit scheme, all data destroyed).

6. Please provide the total number of cases reviewed at 6 and12 months from the
point at which they exited the process.

7. Please provide the retention period for the data on individuals involved in cases, from the point at which they exit the process, that each party (see Q3) involved follows.

8. Please provide the total number of individuals whose personal information is retained currently (date as per FOI receipt) who are no longer involved in cases, and have exited the process.

9). Please provide a sample referral text (anonymous) that the Channel panel would receive on first referral. ie. the kinds of text that the panel read and the information it contains.

10) For those referrals received through a school, please indicate where known, the source cause of the referral (ie teacher concerns, web monitoring system, friend.)

Thank you for your consideration.
Jen Persson

Dear Jen

The LSCB has no statutory basis and is not classed as a public authority for the purpose of the Freedom of Information Act. The LSCB is a group set up under guidance under ‘Working Together’ made up of various agencies involved with the protection of children. Therefore we are not in a position to respond to your request. However, looking at information you have requested I think the FOI team at Brighton and Hove Council may be able to assist you further. They can be contacted here

With best wishes


Mia Brown
LSCB & SAB Business Manager

Tel: 07584 217256 / 01273 290728

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