Safe routes to School

The request was successful.

Lyn Rees-Williams

Dear Islwyn High School, Caerphilly,

1. How many pupils use the "Chartist Bridge" as a means of getting to and from Islwyn High School? (This could be by any mode of transport).

2. How many Islwyn High School pupils have been involved in any incident/accident/near miss (that the school is aware of) whilst using:

a. A4058 (Road over Chartist Bridge)
b. B4521 (Yard Coal Rise 40mph road)
c. Waterloo Road (Road outside school)

Yours faithfully,

Lyn Rees-Williams

Mrs E Paskell,

Dear Sir/Madam

Please see below the responses to the questions on your FOI request:

1. There are 65 pupils who live at postal addresses that would likely mean they use the Chartist Bridge to travel to school.

2. The number of pupils have have been involved in any incident/accident/near miss (that the schools is aware of) whilst using the routes below is as follows:
a. A4058 (Road over Chartist Bridge): None.
b. B4521 (Yard Coal Rise 40mph road): None.
c. Waterloo Road (Road outside school): None.

Lyn Rees-Williams

Dear Mrs E Paskell,

Thank you so much for your time in providing the information requested.

Yours sincerely,

Lyn Rees-Williams