Royal Coat of Arms

by:Theresa:Stirling UCC1-207 made this Freedom of Information request to Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

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by:Theresa:Stirling UCC1-207

Dear Supreme Court of the United Kingdom,

Under the FOI Act I would like to request copies to all recorded information and links that confirm that the Queen’s Royal Coat of Arms that appears in court rooms, since the monarch is the fount of justice in the UK and the law Court is part of the Court of the monarch and as the judges are officially representatives of the crown, demonstrated by the Queen's Coat of Arms which sits behind the judge on the wall of every court in the land, with the exceptions of the magistrates' court in the City of London, in which a sword stands vertically behind the judge which is flanked by the arms of the City and the Crown.
a)Why it is and under whose written authority the government can use a different version the Royal Arms but without the helm or crest, as a result of which the crown sits atop the shield that is used on all Acts of Parliament; on the cover of all UK passports; and as an inescutcheon on the diplomatic flags of British Ambassadors.

It is also used by the following government departments:

• The Foreign and Commonwealth Office
• HM Treasury
• Ministry of Justice

b) I also require all written documentations that confirmation that the Queen’s Royal Coat of Arm does in fact sits in every court room behind the judge and not the governments version and the consequences of there not being a coat of arms within the court room or judges chambers at all when a judgment is made and an order given.
c) I also require the date and recorded documents that shows when the change occurred and the date the Queen approved the changes to the government version.
d) I also require the date that any oath sworn to the Queen changed within the judiciary.

Yours faithfully,

by:Theresa:Stirling UCC1-207