Royal Artillery Hunt donations

Eliza Egret made this Freedom of Information request to Defence Infrastructure Organisation

Automatic anti-spam measures are in place for this older request. Please let us know if a further response is expected or if you are having trouble responding.

Defence Infrastructure Organisation did not have the information requested.

Dear Defence Infrastructure Organisation,

Please can you give me records of the Royal Artillery Hunt's incoming and outgoing donations from 2018-2021.

Yours faithfully,

Eliza Egret

Army Sec-Group (MULTIUSER), Defence Infrastructure Organisation

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Please see attached response in relation to your recent Freedom of
Information request.


Yours sincerely,


Army Sec Pers Ldr

IDL24| Floor 2| Blenheim Building| Army Headquarters | Monxton Road |
Andover | Hants | SP11 8HJ


Army Sec-&Group(Multiuser)